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In recent years, it’s been a must to ensure that your email-marketing emails and campaigns are optimized for mobile use. With statistics showing that 80% of mobile users will delete your email on arrival if it’s not been optimized for a hand-held device, you’d be crazy not to! In 2020, if you’re still not on board with a responsive approach, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, as we’ll see a multi-device interactive approach soar.

What do we mean exactly by interactive? It’s an element in an email that requires active engagement from the reader, such as hovering the curser or a click. Check out the examples below to find out how you can stay on trend in 2020.

Animated buttons and calls-to-actions

An email marketer’s first and most important goal is to entice the subscriber to open their email. After that, they want the reader to click through. In 2020, a great way to entice more click-throughs is by using animated buttons and a call-to-action (CTA) that stand out and draw attention.

Interactive CTA example

Rollover image effect

Rollover images are great for showcasing each aspect of your product. As the reader hovers their cursor over the image, they can see the product from different angles or reveal further details. Ideal for online shoppers, they’ll feel secure in knowing what they are actually buying.

Interactive rollover image example

Source: sputnik.com

Interactive image and product carousels

Adding a clickable carousel of images to an email will allow you to highlight more than one product or details about your service, increasing your chances of the user clicking-through.

Interactive carousel example

Source: medium.com

Accordion feature

The accordion feature helps divide and segment your content. It’s then up to the reader to decide how much or how little they want to read. With clear headings that detail each section, you don’t have to bombard your subscribers with information that’s not relevant to them.

Interactive accordion example

Source: Email Monks

Surveys and polls

Polls have always been a popular choice for Instagram, so why not use them in emails to? Polls and surveys are a great way to get customer feedback, increase engagement and monitor what works.

Interactive poll example

Source: Mail Chimp

Give it a go! The next time you’re planning your email marketing campaigns, think about what interactive features work with your product or service and watch your engagement rates increases.


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