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Proudly serving companies like
Deloitte Fast500 5 years in a row

SMTP2GO means rock solid reliability.

An outgoing email service needs to be carefully set up and properly maintained to be capable of performing.

No more downtime

Our redundant, multi data center
infrastructure means emails
will still be sent even during
a major internet outage.

Get alerted about problems

Find out immediately if a potential problem exists with your account, such as a sudden increase in your bounce rate.

Avoid arbitrary throttling

Avoid the low hourly or daily limits put in place by ISP or webhost SMTP services, which are often only run as an afterthought.

See what happens to the emails you send.

Get a visual on all of your sent emails, spam complaints, bounced emails, unsubscribe requests, and more.

SMTP2GO takes care of the technical aspects of email delivery.

Email technology and standards are constantly evolving. You shouldn't need to stay on top of them.

Stay Off Blacklists

We stay a step ahead of blacklists by preventing the cause of problems before they happen.

Stay Out of Spam Folders

SPF and DKIM are handled automatically for your domain names, no prior knowledge required.

Send Any Kind of Email

Send transactional emails from your app, general emails from Outlook, or marketing emails with a built-in unsubscribe link. Setup guides →

Simple, fast, easy, first class support. We give them 10/10.

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Over 35,000 businesses worldwide across all sorts of industries enjoy rock-solid email delivery with SMTP2GO.

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