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  • Free SMTP Server Offered by SMTP2GO

    Did you know that SMTP2GO offers a sending plan completely free of charge? Our free SMTP plan allows you to send 1,000 emails per month at absolutely no cost. There is a temporary limit of 25 emails per hour until you add a verified sender domain name. If you go over your temporary hourly limit, […]

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    An SMTP Server for T-Mobile Users

    We have recently discovered that T-Mobile has changed its policy regarding SMTP servers (as of May 1st, 2010) and now requires that SMTP authentication be used. What does this mean? It means that you must enter an SMTP username and an SMTP password in your email settings if you want to be able to send […]

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    FileMaker Pro SMTP Server Setup

    Filemaker Pro has the option of using an Outgoing SMTP Server.   We’ve recently been contacted by one of our members who has successfully used SMTP2GO with Filemaker Pro. Setup for Filemaker Pro is slightly different, in that it requires that you enter your SMTP2GO Username into the User Name field and your SMTP2GO password […]

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    An SMTP Server For HP CM2320 Multifunction Printers

    The CM2320 range of HP multifunction printers (CM2320fxi, CM2320nf) have the ability to send emails. They do, however, have one major limitation: they are unable to use SMTP authentication. In order to send emails from one of these printers, you will need an SMTP server that does not require authentication. SMTP2GO provides an SMTP server […]

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    An SMTP Server for Virgin Mobile Broadband (Broadband2Go)

    SMTP2GO for Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go. We have recently been contacted by a Virgin Mobile Broadband user who has advised us that they do not provide an SMTP server for use by their customers for sending emails. This user has fixed their problem by switching to using SMTP2GO as their SMTP server while connected to the […]

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    Orange SMTP Server in France

    We have had reports that the ISP Orange, in France, has blocked the use of any external SMTP server other than their own. This is the only ISP in the world that we are currently aware of that has implemented this very strict policy. If you are using SMTP2GO, it is still worth trying to […]

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