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  • Infographic: Psychology of Color in Marketing

    Which colors can trigger which emotions or reactions? That’s right, color is super important when it comes to marketing, and if used correctly, it can provoke the desired response alongside helping with accessibility (there’s a great article here on accessible infographics for further details on this)! So, the next time you’re planning your email marketing […]

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    Holiday Vibes: Effective Out of Office Messages

    Whether you’re counting the minutes until your break away, or can barely be torn from your beloved inbox, a holiday only really begins with one important email – the Out of Office. A concise and effective Out of Office gives you the confidence to enjoy a real break from your device, knowing your clients and […]

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    Troubleshooting Guide: My Emails Won’t Send

    We absolutely need our emails to send – and when they don’t, it can be incredibly frustrating. The good news, however, is that this issue is often very easily remedied! In order to help overcome the occasional sending stumbling block, we’ve put together a quick troubleshooting checklist for when your emails won’t send.  Our Customer […]

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    How Will the iOS 15 Update Affect Open Tracking?

    Since Apple’s big news, we’ve sat back, listened, and observed. What is everyone saying about this sudden change? Are they worried? Should YOU be worried? Let’s find out… What’s happened exactly? First of all, if you are not too sure what we’re talking about, Apple has introduced ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ for their Mail app iOS […]

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    The Best Fonts and Sizes for Email

    You may be a master wordsmith, but your message goes well beyond the words on the page. Like reading between the lines, your users can use your key design choices to determine a lot about your company. Be on the front foot with your choices of fonts with these helpful tips. Your choice of typography […]

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    Unwrapping Birthday Emails

    If you’re not collecting your customer’s date of birth on signup, you might want to start doing it now! Check out the infographic below and be blown away by the stats!  

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