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Change can be scary – but it can also be for the best, especially if something’s not working for you or you’re not happy with the service being provided. We have been chatting to some of our customers, who have made the leap over to SMTP2GO from other SMTP service providers, in order to discover how easy and painless it is to switch.

In this post, we discus the move with Martin Docherty, owner of a web development business in the UK.

Martin says:

I’m the owner of MYDB, a web development business that caters for a range of customers. Some projects are small, others are fairly large. Projects range from simple websites through to more involved websites, such as Streetsoundsradio.com, to our largest client the Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage (ISRM) . The ISRM is an organization that looks after more than 1,000 soft tissue therapists in the UK, several massage schools, their students and on-line assignments. 

In particular, the ISRM needs reliable SMTP mailing especially when urgent Coronavirus updates need to be sent to its members.  Other clients need reliable password reminders, email authentication (click to confirm) and membership renewals. ISRM students also get their marks, exam results, payment reminders, receipts and much more all by email.

Each message sent to every one of our customers is important and needs to arrive in the recipients’ mailbox.

For some time I’d been using what I understood to be a leading provider in the SMTP world, however, when messages failed to arrive and I investigated why I wasn’t at all happy to discover spam filters were bouncing messages because the sender’s IP was blacklisted. Their support was dreadful, sometimes with a two day wait for a response, other times four days! Additionally, trying to set up an ‘own domain’ email service was worse than complicated and I never did manage to do that. 

It was time to find a new provider!

Service, reliability, price and support are the factors I was taking into account. I looked at several SMTP providers. SMTP2GO appeared to offer what I was looking for so I set up a test account, which was very easy. Support was fantastic: immediate online chat with someone who knew what the answers were. I tried the ‘own domain’ feature, where messages come from my clients domain not SMTP2GO, and after figuring out the precise code variations for my server I had that feature up and running very quickly. 

SMTP2GO’s reporting (up to 30 days) is beyond excellent; I can quickly identify issues (and if I don’t, chances are they will let me know). 

The control panel is intuitive and easy to use. 

I’m delighted to have found a service that ‘works’ and I found it easy to set up for my needs.

Anyone looking for a reliable SMTP service that works needs look no further and I would not hesitate to recommend SMTP2GO to friends.

We’re happy to have you on board, Martin! Thank you 😎

For further details on making to move to SMTP2GO, contact us here.

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