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Here at SMTP2GO, we hate junkmail.

We’re not biased. Whether it’s digital or physical, we hate the stuff. It’s why we work so hard to keep it out of your inbox, and also out of your letterboxes. That’s why we support Letterboxer.

“Letterboxer is dedicated to fighting the unnecessary waste from junkmail. Letterboxer not only saves junkmail from being distributed, and in turn trees from being logged, but is assisting New Zealanders to progress towards sustainable living.”

What is Letterboxer?

Letterboxer is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by Andrew Horton. They aim to cut the amount of junkmail being delivered to residents of New Zealand by offering free ‘no junkmail’ stickers for people to attach to their letterboxes.

What’s the big deal with junkmail?

“Destroying forests to make paper for junk mail releases as much greenhouse gas pollution as 9 million cars according to a 2008 ForestEthics report.”

The issue doesn’t just lie in the paper production, but also the space in landfill. Ross Johnston, a resident of Christchurch was curious to see how much junkmail he actually received in a year. Twice he has collected a full year’s worth of flyers and publicity delivered through his door. In 1992 it amounted to a whopping 51kg, and in 2006 he collected a 1.7m stack which weighed 70kg.

If all of this waste was being recycled, it would help to make a difference, but unfortunately, 21% of the landfill waste is made up of paper. Even still, paper can only be recycled 5-7 times before the fibres become too damaged to use anymore.

Why do the stickers work?

In New Zealand, almost all junk mail distribution companies belong to the New Zealand Marketing Association. Members voluntarily adhere to the Code of Practice – Distribution of Unaddressed Mail. One of the code’s guidelines states:

2.2 Unaddressed mail – must not be delivered to letterboxes displaying a No Unaddressed Mail:, “No Junk Mail”, or”No Circulars” sign.

In general, once the stickers are clearly visible, they are respected and the code is adhered to.

How does SMTP2GO help?

SMTP2GO has been the proud sponsor of the stickers’ production and envelopes since 2015.

I’m in New Zealand, how can I get my hands on a sticker?

You can fill out the request form here, and Letterboxer will send you one, free of charge.

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