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  • Top tips for optimizing your emails for mobile devices

    Did you know that 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices?  If you’re not already optimizing your emails for mobile use, then you should be! Here are our top tips for making sure that your emails get the attention they deserve when opened on a handheld device. KISS- Keep it short & simple Your […]

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    How to Improve CX With Transactional Emails

    Transactional emails, also known as ‘triggered emails’ or ‘automated emails’, are emails that are sent after an action has been taken. More often than not, they are sent to the person who took the action. For example, if you buy a product online, you’ll receive a transactional email once a payment has been accepted. Or, […]

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    How to improve CX with email personalization

    As a company that helps people send email, we were interested to attend the action-packed Emarsys Revolution conference, which was held in London, last month. Having listened to many industry experts speak, one thing became clear: when it comes to sending marketing-related email, recipients/customers are expecting MORE from the emails that drop into their inbox. […]

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    SMTP2GO new feature: Streamlining your account activity

    We’ve listened to customer feedback, and put our developers to work to create a smoother, more streamlined user experience. Your dashboard now has a new page called “Activity” which will conveniently list (in one place) all events that happen to emails sent through your account. We’ve removed the need to have separate report pages, each […]

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    How to stay out of the Spam folder

    How To Stay Out of the Spam Folder

    Believe it or not, after significant digital changes, social media platforms introduced and umpteen marketing tools available, email is one of the most powerful tools used to reach your clients and subscribers each and every day. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that your emails land in the inbox. SMTP2GO is dedicated to inbox delivery and are […]

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    Automate SMTP2GO API calls without a server using Zapier

    SMTP2GO has a powerful API that lets you programmatically modify almost every aspect of your account. For example, you can use the API to dynamically add new SMTP users, send an email with custom-generated HTML, respond to statistics on your emails, and more. Usually this requires setting up a server to respond to API calls […]

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