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  • Emails vs Social Media: The Ultimate Showdown

    Emails vs Social Media: Which is more effective for reaching customers? In a world that appears to be dominated by fast-paced social media, many companies are left wondering, “Are we wasting our time with emails?” Compared to social media, emails can appear clunkier or slower and a little more old-fashioned. The reality is that this […]

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    New feature: Email testing!

    If you’ve taken advantage of one of our higher volume plans (100k+), you have to try out our new Email Testing feature! Just log into your SMTP2GO dashboard, then go to “Reports > Email Testing“. From there, you can input your ‘From’ name and email address, email subject and HTML code. One you’ve created your […]

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    SMTP2GO at Web Summit Lisbon 2017

    Two Kiwis, two Brits and a leprechaun walk into an Irish bar… At Web Summit in Lisbon

    From 6-9 November a few of our team members had the opportunity to travel to Portugal to attend Web Summit 2017. Charlotte, Teresa and I (Louise) represented our Customer Support Team and Callum and Nick travelled from the Development Team. Being part of an international company and working remotely means that we don’t often get […]

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    Finding happiness at Web Summit

    Last week, I attended the mind-blowingly huge Web Summit conference in Lisbon. What an awesome and inspiring experience this was – hosted in such a beautiful city, too. It was incredible to feel part of something so large and informative, listening to some of the tech industry’s greatest minds share their thoughts on diverse topics. […]

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    Amuse UX Conference 2017

    Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Amuse UX Conference in Budapest. Focussed on Usability Experience (UX), the conference covered many topics under this vast umbrella, including Service Design, User Research, UI Design and Design Ethics. It was inspirational. So, what is UX? Basically (and this was my biggest conference take away), it’s […]

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    Need an SMTP option for SalesForce? We’ve got a solution!

    SalesForce is a Customer Relationship Management platform that allows you to manage sales, service and marketing all in the one place. It’s a great one-stop solution for all of your customer management. If you’re looking for an SMTP service to work with your account, you’ll be glad to hear that SMTP2GO is now fully integratable […]

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    Customer Support Inspiration from Inbound 2017

    Customer support is one of our main priorities at SMTP2GO. We’re unique in that our support agents are trained to guide you through every process from sales queries to technical support. The reason for this is that when you get in touch, you can feel confident knowing that you’re speaking to a small team who […]

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    If you love them, let them go: The unsubscribe link

    Unsubscribe links strike fear in the hearts of many email marketers. Instead of looking at them as a negative, let’s consider how they can benefit us and add value to our customers’ experience. First of all, including an unsubscribe link in your emails is a legal requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act. Not sure what that […]

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    Vodafone to discontinue email services

    Vodafone has announced today their plan to discontinue their email services in New Zealand after 20 years. If you’re one of the 250,000 people who have been using Vodafone mail up until now, the move is going to affect you when they switch off the service on 30th November. The decision was made as a […]

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    Is YouTube implicitly promoting phishing?

    YouTube is an incredible source of information with millions of how-to videos and step-by-step guides that even the most novice internet user can take advantage of. But, what happens when the content crosses a line? YouTube features thousands of videos promoting illegal phishing activities and despite reporting them, they are still up on the website. […]

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