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  • What is transactional email?

    Transactional emails can be summed up by “non-bulk” email. It is mail that has been triggered by an action on the client’s part. There are a few different types of transactional emails, here are the most common ones to increase interaction: Welcome emails / email confirmation emails– These are sent out once a client signs […]

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    SMTP: a competitor comparison

    On the hunt for an SMTP provider and don’t know what to look for? Take a look at the competitor comparison chart below to help ease your decision. When looking for an external SMTP provider, there are many things that you’ll need to take into account. Will my emails be delivered? What features are on […]

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    International Women’s Day and the future wave of women in tech

    Yesterday was International Women’s Day and it was incredible to see so many women unite and come together to celebrate their strength and diversity on a global scale. By the fact that we have a dedicated day to celebrate women indicates that men and women aren’t on an equal footing just yet – but it […]

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    Sending emails from the EU? You’ll want to read this!

    We’re an international company dealing with international emails, so we appreciate that location matters! This is why, if you’re sending from the EU, you have the choice to send via our European servers. We have servers based in Frankfurt (Germany) and London (UK), as well as Fremont (CA), Newark (NJ), Singapore and Sydney (Australia). If […]

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    Are you ready to be GDPR compliant?

    The following post is a rough outline to GDPR compliance and must not be used as an official guideline. You may want to appoint legal counsel on your journey to becoming GDPR compliant. What is GDPR? If your company is based within the European Union, or if you have European clients, this may prove to […]

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    Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook Spam Filtering

    Late in 2017, Microsoft made some big changes to their email infrastructure, and many Email Service Providers and other email senders are reporting problems getting into the Inbox for recipients hosted with Office 365 and Outlook. A lack of useful information about how to deal with these changes has left ESPs in a position of […]

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    Virgin Active uses SMTP2GO to better reach its members

    Learn how Virgin Active uses SMTP2GO for the sending of all member communications – from bespoke news bulletins, class bookings and the transmission of members’ contracts.

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    Whitelisting: How does it apply to my emails?

    By whitelisting, you avoid unnecessary spam filters and blacklist checks. See what whitelisting is and how to ensure your emails don’t go to spam.

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    Emails vs Social Media: The Ultimate Showdown

    Emails vs Social Media: Which is more effective? In a world dominated by fast-paced social media, many companies are left wondering, “Are we wasting our time with emails?”

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    New feature: Email testing!

    If you’ve taken advantage of one of our higher volume plans (100k+), you have to try out our new Email Testing feature! Just log into your SMTP2GO dashboard, then go to “Reports > Email Testing“. From there, you can input your ‘From’ name and email address, email subject and HTML code. One you’ve created your […]

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