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  • Protect Yourself From Spambots

    Don’t let a spambot become the enemy of your company! Get prepared and get protected with these helpful steps. What exactly is a “spambot”? A spambot is a malicious program designed to collect email addresses and information from online forms, chat rooms, comment sections and websites. This information is usually collected to build lists for […]

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    Case Study: How SMTP2GO Helps London Estate Agents Dexters

    Learn how London Estate Agency, Dexters, uses SMTP2GO for keeping customers in the property sector loop.  About Dexters: Founded in 1993, with 35 offices in Central London and more than 70 across London, Dexters is one of London’s leading independent Estate Agencies. With more than 100 offices (in some of the best locations, it has […]

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    Understanding Suppressions

    When it comes to email marketing, your suppression list is essential! Not only to maintain your sender reputation but to comply with the CAN-SPAM act’s requirements for commercial messaging. The suppression list consists of recipients who have unsubscribed from your mailing list, who have made a spam complaint and, of course, is a collection of […]

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    Clichéd Subject Lines Can Be Fun!

    We’re often told to keep clichéd subject lines to a minimum, but every now and again it’s fun to get cheesy! We’ve put together a few of our favourite seasonal subject lines that work well and stand out from the rest. Are you a fan of fun puns, or do you prefer to keep things […]

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    The Lowdown On Email Tracking

    Ever wondered if that email you sent just fell into some great internet abyss? Take the mystery out of email delivery with this handy toolkit of email tracking tips. Before fretting over whether your email made it to the inbox or junk folder, or whether the recipient opened it at all, there are tools to […]

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    Email Writing Tips For Those Who Hate Writing

    “Everybody can write.” Right? Well, no actually! Even though it’s an essential part of our professional lives, many find it a struggle and dread having to write an email. Follow our tips for those who find email-writing a challenge.  Billions of emails are sent every day (more than 292 billion, to be precise) and some […]

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