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  • SMTP2GO Launch Staff Volunteer Days

    Each year, SMTP2GO donates thousands of dollars to charities that are close to its heart. As we’re headquartered in New Zealand, many of these good causes have a NZ-focus and include supporting New Zealand’s endangered species. Donations made by SMTP2GO in the past year have included Forest and Bird NZ, SmileDial, Wasp Wipeout Week and […]

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    The History of Email: Best Bits!

    Not one person created email, it was developed over time to become what it is today. It started off like a post-it type note that would pop up on your desktop screen. Although, it would only work on the same computer, so not very useful! It wasn’t until 1971 when Ray Tomlinson (who some claim to be the […]

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    Email Marketing for Small Businesses

    Did you know, email marketing was voted by customers to be the preferred way to receive marketing material? If not, you do now! So, if your email marketing game isn’t up to scratch, you’ll want to read on to discover our top tips on email marketing for small businesses. Make signing up easy If you […]

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    Web Summit 2018: Making the Internet a Happier Place

    This year’s epic tech congress, Web Summit, took place in Lisbon at the beginning of November and I was fortunate enough to attend for the second year running. The largest tech conference in the world saw 70,000 attendees, from more than 170 countries, gather in the Portuguese capital, to have the opportunity to listen to […]

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    Top Tips for Optimizing your Emails for Mobile Devices

    Did you know that 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices?  If you’re not already optimizing your emails for mobile use, then you should be! Here are our top tips for making sure that your emails get the attention they deserve when opened on a handheld device. KISS- Keep it short & simple Your […]

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    How to Improve CX with Transactional Emails

    Transactional emails, also known as ‘triggered emails’ or ‘automated emails’, are emails that are sent after an action has been taken. More often than not, they are sent to the person who took the action. For example, if you buy a product online, you’ll receive a transactional email once a payment has been accepted. Or, […]

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