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The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the most cherished and respected institutions in the UK. It provides free health care to millions of people every day and employs almost two million staff across various sectors and roles. So, who are NHS Providers?

NHS Providers – one of our valued customers – is the membership organization for the NHS hospital, mental health, community and ambulance services. We share how SMTP2GO helps them to send reliable and secure emails to their members.

NHS Providers is the voice of the NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England. They represent all 217 trusts in voluntary membership, which collectively account for £104bn of annual expenditure. Their mission is to help NHS trusts deliver high-quality, patient-focused care by enabling them to learn from each other, acting as their public voice and helping shape the system in which they operate.

NHS Providers works across a range of disciplines, including policy and analysis, communications and media, support and training and public affairs and influencing. They offer a variety of services and benefits to their members, such as events, publications, networks, consultancy and development programs.

How SMTP2GO helps NHS Providers

NHS Providers use SMTP2GO to send emails to their members and stakeholders, such as registration confirmations, newsletters, updates and invitations. SMTP2GO was already in place when Miriam Zendle joined the organization as the Senior Digital Manager. Miriam says:

‘We’re happy to continue using the service. We needed an SMTP provider in place in order to be able to register members onto our website, so that would be the origin of our signing up. We recently liaised with SMTP2GO in order to upgrade our account, due to a portal replacement we had to re-register all accounts (or at least try to). I had a positive experience working with the support team to ensure we had the right account and permissions set up. Everything was resolved quickly, which helped us to communicate swiftly with members and solve their issues.’

We’re proud to be part of NHS Providers’ email journey and help them achieve their goals.

If you want to learn more about how SMTP2GO can help your organization send better emails, please contact us today.

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