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  • Case Study: Helping Keep Bounce/Spam Rates At Zero  

    From big corporations, sending millions of emails per month, to the smaller guys sending less (but equally important) messages, we’re delighted to help all kinds of businesses keep their bounce and spam rates low. Here we chat to Ivo Kuipers, a freelance developer, who’s based in the Netherlands and is a SMTP2GO newbie. Welcome, Ivo! […]

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    How To Improve Your Sending Reputation

    A snazzy logo and swish color scheme can only get you so far. What you need is a reputation that puts you in the prime position: the coveted inbox. It’s the holy grail that can seem impossible, but doesn’t have to be. See how far your sending reputation can take you with these handy tips. […]

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    CCPA written on a keyboard

    A Look at the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

    With an ever-changing legal landscape, it’s only expected that new legislations are introduced along the way. First, it was the CAN-SPAM Act (December 2003), then, it was GDPR (May 2018), and now (July 2020), it’s CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act. In the world of email and email deliverability, these new regulations come strongly into […]

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    Increase Email Engagement with Storytelling

    When reaching out to our clients via email, we’re trying to make a personal connection via a very impersonal channel. This is where storytelling comes in. Email is often a one-way form of communication so if we’re not asking the customers to engage in dialogue with us, we need to find another way to make […]

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    Protect Yourself From Spambots

    Don’t let spambots become the enemy of your company! Get prepared and get protected with these helpful steps. What exactly is a “spambot”? A spambot is a malicious program designed to collect email addresses and information from online forms, chat rooms, comment sections and websites. This information is usually collected to build lists for sending […]

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    Case Study: How SMTP2GO Helps London Estate Agents Dexters

    Learn how London Estate Agency, Dexters, uses SMTP2GO for keeping customers in the property sector loop.  About Dexters: Founded in 1993, with 35 offices in Central London and more than 70 across London, Dexters is one of London’s leading independent Estate Agencies. With more than 100 offices (in some of the best locations, it has […]

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