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Discover how SMTP2GO ensures that outbound emails are continuously flowing for small Internet Service Provider, Drakonim Limited, and its customers. 

About Drakonim Limited

Drakonim is a specialist Internet Service Provider that sells Internet services to customers throughout the UK. The company specializes in providing a high level of support in the area of network infrastructure, and its services are mainly in the area of Internet connectivity, Internet security, Internet telephone systems and email.  Drakonim are partners with many industry leaders, including Veeam, 3CX, Avast and Microsoft. The company also provides a consultancy service to a small number of long-standing businesses (some for more than 30 years), where responsibility is taken for their entire IT system.

We spoke to 

 David Christy, the principal technical person in the company.

“Drakonim is a small business and I am the key person in it.  About 10 years ago, I was living on my yacht in Swansea and my partner came back, dripping wet, with the shopping, fighting through the sleet and ice, and said: “All you do all day is talk to people on the phone and tippy tap on the computer, why the $%*&* are we living here?!” We left Wales in early 2000 and now spend our time sailing around the Mediterranean, with me doing exactly the same as I always have –  but with a lot better weather and a higher quality of life! Most of my customers know all of this, but it does make me sound kind of like a pirate!” 🏴‍☠️🦜

How Drakonim uses SMTP2GO

“For many years, Drakonim has provided a SmartHost solution to its customers as well as an incoming mail filtering solution. Whilst the incoming systems have had a great deal of time, money and effort put into them, the outbound mail has been sadly neglected.  

Recently an undiscovered ‘bug’ in our outbound servers resulted in a few hundred thousand spam emails being sent through our service.  As a result of this, our outbound email was being marked, or blocked. This affected all of our customers. 

In the past, I have been able to deal with these issues quickly but with the advent of more sophisticated email filtering this was not an option. We had also been particularly lax in introducing protection systems, such as DKIM, to our customers as the servers we were using would not easily support it.  I was then faced with having to find a solution very quickly.

In a nutshell, we use SMTP2GO to provide an outbound email service to our customers.  Our mail systems are divided into two main areas: those where we provide both an inbound filter and an outbound smarthost, and a second group with mailboxes and IMAP/POP3 and SMTP access. We have moved the first group to the SMTP2GO service and we will move the second when I have worked out how to do it!”

Key benefits

“After spending three days under a lot of pressure to resolve the problem with our own servers, I contacted SMTP2GO.  From the start, with excellent technical assistance from the support team, I had a test system operating within 10 minutes.  Within 24 hours, I had moved the key customers to the service with no stress at all. Since then the service has performed flawlessly.

The reporting functions are also a key benefit for us. In the past, if an outbound email had been blocked, it was very hard to define why – but with SMTP2GO it’s easy.  There has also been a very noticeable reduction in rejected emails, which helps us help our customers.”


 “SMTP2GO deliver what they promise very quickly, and have the technical support staff to make that happen.”

Many thanks, David, and happy sailing! ⛵

If there’s something that we can help you with, or that you’d like to share, drop us a line. 

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