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SMTP2GO has a range of free and easy integrations and plugins for popular apps and third-party services, helping you to keep on top of your email delivery. 

You can find a rundown of these integrations and plugins below. The list will be regularly updated to reflect improvements and as we add more integrations. Do let the support team know if there is an integration we should investigate.

Our Knowledge Base has setup and usage instructions.

WordPress – “Email Made Easy by SMTP2GO”

SMTP2GO WordPress plugin integration

Our WordPress plugin takes over the email sending for the default WordPress emailer. This means you’ll have access to your delivery reports, bounces, and ultimately you’ll get greater inbox delivery rates!

To set up the Email Made Easy plugin we’ve created detailed setup instructions, including a video explainer.

“Using the SMTP2GO service has been a breeze. I can separate keys easily per WP installation and we even use this for regular mail on our mail servers. The support we receive from them is stellar and they have helped us without hesitation when we had a client mailbox start spamming. They are the easiest mail system I have used in the last 10 years.” – review by Wilkins IT.


CPanel / WHM (beta)

cPanel & WHM plus SMTP2GO automation

For true automated DNS and email management, all from a simple interface, SMTP2GO has developed a cPanel WHM integration designed for hosting providers who manage many customer domains and email services.

Currently in beta, customers are welcome to request early access and provide us with feedback and ideas.

This automation integration performs many tasks:

  1. Adds domains to the SMTP2GO “Sender Domain” page in our app
  2. Adds the required CNAME entries to the DNS
  3. Verifies the updated DNS entries in the SMTP2GO app
  4. Adds an SMTP username for each domain
  5. Updates the routing rules in WHM to start delivery through your SMTP2GO account

Click here to get started.


Slack – Account Notifications

Slack + SMTP2GO for account notifications

Get real time notifications of important email delivery events and status updates with the SMTP2GO Slack App which will help you stay on top of any delivery issues.

With this app you can choose to see any of the following:

In addition, SMTP2GO Service Status updates and planned maintenance announcements will also appear in Slack.


Open Source Github Integration Repository

SMTP2GO Open Source GitHub Repository

SMTP2GO’s GitHub repository of open source integrations is available here. You’ll find useful code for integrating our email service into your project.

Repositories include:

If we’re missing a useful addition to this list, please contact support to let us know.

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