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Inbox Expo 2021 was a smash hit for #emailgeeks across the globe!

This year, we were lucky enough to be invited to speak alongside a number of industry leaders to talk about one of our favorite things: email!

Louise, one of our Customer Success Engineers, presented “The Email’s Your Oyster. The Customer’s Your Pearl”, you can catch her presentation here, and I discussed “List-collection Methods and Best Practices.

My Inbox Expo presentation

I like to believe I know everything about email, but in an ever-changing industry, Inbox Expo was a great opportunity to explore some areas that I am not as familiar with and to take a glimpse into the future of email. There was so much content to get stuck into! We also had some great feedback for our own presentations.

A tagged LinkedIn post about my Inbox Expo presentation.

In all honesty, it was the first time I had presented on a professional level and I was a little nervous, to say the least. But it was such a fantastic opportunity that I thank both the organizers of Inbox Expo and of course, my manager at SMTP2GO for encouraging me to do it.

Not only was it a professional learning experience, but it was also a great networking opportunity. I have met some fellow email geeks along the way who I can’t wait to meet in person once these events are ‘in real life’ again (which I know we are all ready and waiting for)!

Brief outline of my presentation

Part one discussed the dangers of a purchased/harvested mailing list and went over some of the things to watch out for along your list-building journey. Whereas part two, I share some quality list-collection methods and some top tips on list hygiene.

If you didn’t attend Inbox Expo this year, and you want to know why I look like this (👇) when someone comes to me with a purchased mailing list, then catch the recording below, enjoy!



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