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Discover how the global number one party plan company, PartyLite, uses SMTP2GO to send all of their customer and transactional emails, making SMTP2GO an essential part of their business.

“If you need an SMTP service, these are the folks to go to!
Highly recommended,” Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein, Manager
of Business Operations Systems.

About PartyLite

When it comes to selling candles, candle accessories and home fragrance, PartyLite is the global number one party plan company. As one of the world’s most successful direct sales companies, PartyLite has almost 45,000 independent consultants in more than 20 countries – including North America, Canada, Europe and Australia  – who sell quality scented candles and home decor through a home party system, direct selling and online.

We spoke to…

Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein, who’s the Manager of Business Operations Systems, kindly gave up some time from his busy schedule to speak to us. Working out of the PartyLite HQ in Norwell, Massachusetts, Jones-Goldstein explained how SMTP2GO aids him in his role as the system administrator for all consultant facing systems.

How SMTP2GO is used by PartyLite

“We use SMTP2GO for sending several kinds of email: mostly transactional emails, billing notifications, error notifications, shipment notifications, that kind of thing… Each independent consultant has an electronic application where she can manage her parties, calendar and bookings: she has the ability to email the guests at the party via that application and those emails all go out through SMTP2GO. So, all of the consultants use SMTP2GO to send their ‘e-vites’, which makes SMTP2GO an essential part of the business. There have been times when one of our systems gets bogged down and stops sending email, so SMTP2GO saves the day.”

What made you sign-up for our service?

“The reason was because our original email system years ago was a novell-groupwise system with an internal SMTP system. As we migrated and upgraded, we moved over to Office 365 and this provided an opportunity to stop using the internal SMTP server that we had to manage, keep updated, up-boot sporadically, etc. Opting for an external SMTP server became one less thing for our shrinking IT resources to manage and to lessen the burden on our own servers.”

Key benefits?

“Back in the old system, when somebody said that they didn’t receive an email, it was an arduous task to go through the system logs to find out the transaction and discover what the problem was. With SMTP2GO, it’s so much easier to track those problems when they arise. It’s very simple with the new dashboard and delivery reports.”

What do you like most about our service?

“There are two things that stand out for me. The first things is the new reporting features that have been rolled about in the past few months: the daily Activity report and the more robust error handling. Very useful! The second thing is working with customer service. When I’ve had questions about how something works, or even a technical or billing query, the actual response and resolution is quick and accurate. I’ve never had to wait more than one day for a response. It’s always been a very positive experience. It was very easy to setup and get working and is easy to use on a day to day basis.”

Is there anything you don’t like about SMTP2GO?

“Honestly, no! I’ve never had a negative experience. The knowledge base is very helpful, and the billing is easy to use and understand.”

If you were to recommend us to a friend?

“If you need an SMTP service, these are the folks to go to! Highly recommended.”

If you’d like to share your experience of using our service, please contact us.

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