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Berlin Autofrei is a movement based in Berlin, Germany, with a revolutionary goal: to significantly reduce car traffic and transform Berlin into a safe, livable and climate-friendly city.

The movement seeks to achieve this through a binding referendum and rallying the support of the community to create lasting change. We spoke to Benni Wasmer to discover how using SMTP2GO is helping them with the cause.

The Berlin Autofrei Challenge

As the movement gained momentum, the need to communicate effectively with thousands of supporters became paramount. Their previous SMTP service provider was unable to keep up with their growing needs, leading to frequent stalling of operations and hindering advocacy efforts.


In their quest for a reliable email service, Berlin Autofrei discovered SMTP2GO. The decision to switch was driven by SMTP2GO’s streamlined tools that offered functionality without unnecessary data collection or high costs, aligning perfectly with the movement’s values of efficiency and privacy.


Integrating SMTP2GO with their self-hosted CRM system was seamless, thanks to our user-friendly setup. This combination allowed Berlin Autofrei to personalize its newsletter communications and enhance outreach to volunteers and interested Berliners.


The ability to send individualized emails has improved engagement with their audience, and the absence of technical barriers has allowed the movement to focus on advocacy rather than time-draining administrative tasks. In 2021, the movement celebrated the milestone of gathering support from more than 50,000 Berliners and is now on track to collect the 200,000 signatures needed for the referendum.

Testimonial from Berlin Autofrei

“SMTP2GO has been a game-changer for us. It respects our supporters’ privacy while ensuring our messages reach every inbox. It’s the perfect partner for delivering thousands of emails with the assurance that only the necessary personal information is handled.”

As Berlin Autofrei continues to pave the way for a car-free Berlin, SMTP2GO stands as a testament to the power of choosing the right partners to foster community and drive change. SMTP2GO is proud to support non-profit organizations and offer a 30% discount.

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