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  • Email Delivery & Tips

Infographic: How Email Works (Made Simple)

It’s safe to say, we’ve ALL sent an email at one point or another and that many of us send emails on a regular basis. But, does anyone know how email works? As part of our “Made Simple” range, the infographic below outlines the four main steps on email delivery and we’ve made it as simple and […]

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why we ask you to add a sender domain smtp2go
  • Features & Updates

Why We Ask You to Add a Sender Domain

If you have created an account with us recently, you may have noticed that we asked that you add a Sender Domain… Here’s why! In order to improve your delivery rates, we always recommend creating an SPF record and a DKIM record in your DNS settings and adding them to the Sender Domains page of your […]

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  • Email Delivery & Tips

How to Use Images in Emails

Inserting images into your HTML design is highly recommended when it comes to email marketing. Not only will it attract your reader’s eye, but it’s also known to increase user engagement by up to 40%. But be careful, if they are not used correctly, you’ll face no end of delivery/display issues to the point where you should […]

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featured image partylite uses smtp2go to send all customer emails with a bokeh candle background
  • Customer Success

PartyLite uses SMTP2GO to Send All Customer Emails

Discover how the global number one party plan company, PartyLite, uses SMTP2GO to send all of their customer and transactional emails, making SMTP2GO an essential part of their business. “If you need an SMTP service, these are the folks to go to! Highly recommended,” Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein, Manager of Business Operations Systems. About PartyLite When it comes to selling […]

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blue book on bookshelf showing text infographic: a brief history of email (just the best bits!)
  • Email Delivery & Tips

Infographic: A History of Email (only the best bits!)

An ode to the oh-so-important email and the people who helped to shape its history. If you’d like to read more, check out our blog post on The history of email: best bits.  

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  • Company Life

Infographic: International Women’s Day

It’s that time of year again, International Women’s day! A day to celebrate just how far we have come in reaching equality and a reminder to NOT stop fighting yet! The following infographic is dedicated specifically to women in tech; a cause close to our hearts as a thriving tech company with many awesome, female team […]

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