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Schools and other education providers love us! We’re strong believers in the power of education – all SMTP2GO staff are encouraged to be lifelong learners – and this is why we offer a special discount for non-profit schools and educational institutions. We know that a little money saved here can be ploughed into something beneficial there.

We appreciate that a school’s sending requirements change throughout the academic year and our plans are flexible to accommodate this. We understand that ‘back to school’ might require more quota than the quieter summer months. We also offer real-time reporting, with open rates and click tracking, to see who’s received what and when. No more of this ‘the dog ate my email’ business! 

Many educational institutions, from all over the world, use our service and we enjoy discovering how SMTP2GO helps improve email deliverability for their institution. 

Here we speak to Kit Erceg, IT Support at Queen Margaret College, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Can you please tell us a little more about what your school does?

Queen Margaret College is a private girls school that caters for Years 1 – 13, as well as having a co-ed preschool. A total roll of 700+ students.

What made you look for an SMTP service provider?

We needed a system that could integrate with PCSchool’s Spider Messaging General system to send out bulk emails to parents/caregivers/students, which didn’t work well in our Office 365 environment. SMTP2GO was recommended by PCSchool as something that another school was using successfully.

Do you use us to handle delivery for your school management system?

Yes; PCSchool, both frontend Spider and backend BackOffice.

If you can recall, how did you find the sign up/onboarding process?

Super easy! I was expecting it to be a lot more complex than it turned out to be.

If you were to recommend us to another school or educational institution, what would you say?

If you’re looking for a simple SMTP solution to integrate with your School Management System, SMTP2GO is absolutely the way to go. Useful reporting statistics on what emails have sent, whether they’re being received or marked as spam, and clear numbers to keep track of average monthly email usage. It works smoothly and works well for everything we use it for!

If you’d like to discover more about the services we offer, please contact us.

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