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It’s always nerve-racking making new friends. You want to get the niceties just right and have the perfect timing too. Yikes – it can be such a minefield! Like a potential BFF, a brand new subscriber is an exciting time for your business, and luckily there’s plenty that can be done to keep them hanging around. When a user joins your subscriber list, that very first hello is incredibly important. The welcome email is your shot at a memorable first impression, and we have a few tips on hand to help you make it pop.

What’s a welcome email?

A welcome email is a follow-up sent when a user enters their email address on your website. It’s a friendly hello encouraging them to take a closer look at your product or service, and giving them a great reason to stick around. You’re aiming for customer retention, so what you choose to offer and how you present yourself is an important job. 

And here’s why:

If you want to become part of the clever 57.7% who send a welcome email, here’s a few ways to make it pop:

A user adding their email address to your subscriber list and not receiving an immediate email in return can seem to them like having no one answer the door. Rather than giving them a good reason to make a swift exit from your subscriber list, make the most of their interest with a quick send.

For your email to pop in their inbox, the first thing to do is hit send. Send your emails fast or set up a handy automated setting to trigger a send when a user enters their details. InboxArmy suggests that 50% of subscribers engage with a welcome email sent immediately, 44% do if it’s sent within one minute, down to a teeny 2% after two minutes.

Take advantage of the helpful automated sending options available and start your new relationship on the right foot.

Don’t say hi without a friendly wave or confident handshake! Invesp found that welcome emails containing an offer can boost revenue by 30% per email – another great way to turn those leads into customers. If you’ve given users a reason to subscribe on your website, make sure you follow it up exactly as stated. This is a great way to immediately gain trust, giving your now customer a reason to stick around.

Calling it a “gift just for you” gives it a personal touch, and a special offer gives them one fantastic reason to visit you again, making the most of the bonus you shared.

Saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ adds a human quality to your company, helping to build a sense of loyalty between you and your brand new subscriber. Your subscriber started as a visitor, took the time to sign up and expressed their interest in your brand, so why not take a second to say thanks? Subscribers are sure to feel appreciated, especially if you’re able to personalize the email with their name, too!

Messages will pop with a ‘thank you’ because it immediately shows the friendly human behind the website. It reminds your customer how much you value them, kicking off what could become a great relationship!

Make sure you stand out in a full inbox with an enticing subject line. A great one is a crucial part of getting your welcome email opened. Add a mention of a gift inside, or even an emoji to spark some interest in what’s in the email.

A sharp subject line is best kept short and sweet. Retention Science found that lines between six and 10 words long generated higher open rates. So get crisp and creative! 

It’s worth noting that welcome emails perform best when they’re easily identified, especially in a crowded inbox. That’s why it’s a smart move to use the word “welcome” right up front.

While you have their attention, now’s your chance to remind your subscribers why they joined your mailing list. Let them know just what they’ll receive by becoming a loyal subscriber.

Think about what could matter to your subscriber and make it clear what’s in it for them. This could be your regular content, whether blog posts or articles, or even special offers and discounts that are given exclusively to subscribers. There’s no reason to keep it under cover either, add the heading “What’s in it for you” in a way to create a positive image and excitement for all your future emails.

What makes a welcome email pop can be just the same as what makes your brand pop, too. Find room to introduce yourself and show your personality through a fun story or little known fact about you. Share your background and your mission so your subscriber can see how you’re connecting with them as a customer. Your story can set you apart and really make your welcome ‘pop’!

Don’t forget to add in some links to your site to give your subscribers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your brand.

Your first hello is a big moment, so ensure you make it count! With these starting tips you can design an email that creates a connection between you and your shiny new subscribers.


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