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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, most commonly known as SMTP is used on a daily basis all over the world. SMTP directs your emails via various networks to their final destination; helping you communicate effectively with your colleagues, clients, and loved ones. So if SMTP is something that we use every day, we should be investing in it, right? To find out why?! Take a look at the top five benefits of using an external SMTP provider such as SMTP2GO below.

The top five benefits of using an external SMTP provider

1. Reliable

Nowadays, hours and hours are spent on email content to ensure it’s up to scratch and it’s devastating when, after all that time and effort, your email lands in the junk folder, or even worse, it disappears into the abyss! When using SMTP2GO, all you need to do is deal with the content of your emails (and of course your mailing list) and we’ll look after the rest. When it comes to blacklist monitoring, ISP throttling, and feedback loops, you can leave it to us. 

2. Higher sending limit

More often than not, your ISP will limit the number of emails you can send on an hourly/daily basis. When using SMTP2GO, your sending allowance will be limited to a monthly amount, which will depend on your needs and the plan you choose. At SMTP2GO, we go one step further and allow you to upgrade and downgrade easily as per your monthly requirements.

3. Speed

SMTP2GO allows you to increase the number of SMTP connections to 40, thus allowing you to split your email sending to avoid build-up and delays. Your standard mailing program will allow one email per connection, whereas SMTP2GO will allow 2500 emails per connection. At 40 connections, that is a lot of emails being sent at a very fast rate! Alongside this, with our worldwide servers, you’ll automatically connect to the nearest server geographically which is great for sending speed and data protection.

4. Support

If you are not too sure about SMTP, dos and don’ts, SPFs, DKIMs, DNS, and all that tech jargon, do not panic! With SMTP2GO, you will receive expert support to help you get set up and running and, of course, to solve any issues along the way; you are not alone anymore. SMTP2GO support agents are online 24 hours a day and can be reached over the phone, via our live chat, or by email.

5. Clear real-time reports

With SMTP2GO you will have access to your delivery reports via our user-friendly dashboard. The reports are split up into delivered, bounced, spammed, and unsubscribed emails. You can also enable open and click tracking, which will provide you with useful information on how your emails are performing. 

So now that you know why you should be using an external SMTP provider, give it a go for free and see your emailing experience change overnight.

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Tanya J. says:

I’m using both http://www.smtpboxes.com and http://www.smtp2go.com and I’m equally happy. Amazon SES and MailChimp are overflowed and non-supportive. I guess other email marketers are on the same thought.
Regards, Tanya

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Ready for better email delivery?
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