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Transactional emails can be summed up by “non-bulk” email. It is mail that has been triggered by an action on the client’s part.

There are a few different types of transactional emails, here are the most common ones to increase interaction:

  1. Welcome emails / email confirmation emails– These are sent out once a client signs up for your emails, or registers on your site. It’s always a good idea to keep these emails warm and friendly, and to set the tone for any further correspondence that they’ll receive. It’s also a great opportunity to share any relevant information like contact details and a call-to-action, while your business is still fresh in the customer’s mind.
  2. Order confirmation emails- After each purchase, it’s important to make sure that the customer gets all of the necessary information in an email. A quick summary of the transaction provides reassurance to the client that everything has gone well and that their order is on the way. It’s also a great opportunity to include a special offer to encourage them to return to your site in the future.
  3. Password reset emails- Although they’re pretty self-explanatory, they’re a crucial part of bringing customers back to your site. If they can’t log in, they can’t purchase!
  4. Shopping cart reminder emails- Sometimes customers need a gentle nudge to remind them about that product that they’ve been hankering after. A reminder to their inbox that they left something in their shopping cart can be the difference between making that all-important sale, or losing a customer.
  5. Account status reminders or updates- If a customer signs up for a product or an account that renews on a timed basis, they might forget when it’s time to renew again. These emails can help to remind them that it’s time to get that card out again. They’re also a great way to inform the customer of any changes that may be made to their account.
  6. “How are we doing?” emails- It’s always helpful to get feedback, and an email asking for a customer’s thoughts can also help to strengthen their trust in your brand. After all, it’s always nice to feel like your opinion matters!

One of the most important things about transactional emails is that they need to feel personal. They are different from bulk mail, in that they are just sent to one individual. It only takes a few small tweaks to ensure that each email is personalised to the recipient, but it can make a huge difference. If someone is receiving a transactional email from you it’s because they’ve already interacted with your brand or have shown interest in your product. There is no need for introduction in a transactional email: imagine you’re writing to a friend rather than a stranger for the first time!

When sending to any recipient, we want to make sure that there’s a two-way relationship between the customer and the seller. It’s always recommendable to offer them the option of unsubscribing if they want a break from your emails. By providing them with the option to unsubscribe, they can always subscribe again later, and it’s more beneficial for your emails than being reported as spam if they can’t unsubscribe.

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