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Did you know that the subject line is the most important part of your email? If your subject line fails to attract your reader’s attention, your content may as well not exist. Sad but true!

“64% of recipients open emails based solely on the subject line.”
(Finances Online, 2023)

Follow our top tips on creating subject lines below and watch your open rates increase dramatically.👇

Keep it short!

Most email clients will shorten your subject line. So, they need to be clear, precise, and supported by a pre-header. Ideally, the subject line should tell the reader exactly what the email is going to be about before they actually open it.

“A report by Retention Science found that subject lines with 6 to 10 words deliver the highest open rate, making 8 words an ideal number for a subject line.” (SuperOffice, 2023)

Use an emoji 👋

✉ + “Summer Collection 2023 👙 😎” = 📩

They’re friendly, expressive, and eye-catching.

“56% of brands using emojis in their email subject lines had a higher open rate.” (Experian, 2023)

Personalize your subject lines

Audience segmentation and personalization are extremely important and should start from the subject line.

“The most effective subject lines are personalized, promotional, and engaging.” (Hubspot, 2021)

Avoid using spam trigger words

Name (the word name, not their actual name. Their actual name is personalization ☝)
Lowest Prices

There are 100s to avoid, so do check this great list at SimplyCast.

DON’T USE ALL CAPS or too many !!!!

They can trigger the recipient’s incoming spam filter or seem like you are shouting. According to e-releases, if an all-caps subject line does successfully make its way to the recipient’s inbox, you’ll just look shady and unprofessional.

Check your spelling

We can’t express enough the importance of spell-check. If your subject line contains spelling mistakes, what does that say about your content or business!?

Don’t add “RE:” if it’s not a genuine reply

If you do manage to trigger a reaction from the recipient with this technique, it could leave a sour taste in the reader’s mouth when they realize it was a cheeky trick. 🤨

Ask for help

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are some fantastic tools out there to help you create the best subject line for your email content, so why not take advantage of them?

If you have any questions about subject lines or are interested in using SMTP2GO, please reach out to our award-winning support team at ticket@smtp2go.com.

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