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Meet Daniela Zavallone: Director and Developer of SqualaDesign Ltd, a web design, development, marketing and IT consulting company based in Timaru, New Zealand. Here, Daniela shares how SMTP2GO helped her solve her email problems and grow her business.

Over to Daniela…

What I Do and Why I Need a Reliable SMTP Service

My company offers different types of services and two products:

I work with a lot of clients and users who rely on my products and services. That means I need to communicate with them effectively and efficiently via email. Whether it’s sending newsletters, invoices, receipts, confirmations, notifications or support messages, email is a vital tool for my business.

Email is not, however, always easy or reliable. I used to have a lot of problems with my previous SMTP service provider, with emails often going into the spam/junk folder. That’s why I decided to look for a better SMTP service provider that could solve these problems.

How I Found and Chose SMTP2GO

I was using SocketLab, the free version, but I grew a lot and I had to move to the paid version. I never liked the cost and the user interface, so I was looking at all the other options and a friend told me about SMTP2GO. I tested it and I loved it.


I use the API to connect all WordPress websites I create and the SMTP credentials for my two ERPs. I use all the functionalities except the SMS. I use it mostly for communication, not marketing.

How Easy or Difficult Was It for Me to Sign Up and Get Started

It was super easy to sign up and get started with SMTP2GO. The onboarding process was smooth and simple. I liked that SMTP2GO provided me with clear and helpful instructions, tutorials, and guides.

Would I Recommend to a Friend or Colleague?

I have recommended SMTP2GO to a couple of companies and they are happy. “It’s the easiest and fastest SMTP application I have ever come across. Very easy to navigate with great customer service,” I told them.

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Ready for better email delivery?
Try SMTP2GO free for as long as you like:

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