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Yesterday was International Women’s Day and it was incredible to see so many women unite and come together to celebrate their strength and diversity on a global scale. By the fact that we have a dedicated day to celebrate women indicates that men and women aren’t on an equal footing just yet – but it is getting better, that’s for sure! 

Technology is for boys. Pah!

In the not too distant past, girls were told that ‘technology is for boys’ but not anymore and here at SMTP2GO we’re proud to support women in tech. Our workforce is split almost equally between men and women – and we actually have more women than men on the technical support team. We’re rated on merit and ability, not gender. Even in these modern times, SMTP2GO is progressive in its approach to the hiring of staff. It makes no difference if you’re a man or a woman – what’s important is that you’re the best person for the job.

Is there a man available? Double pah!

Our female support agents occasionally get asked if ‘there’s a man available’ or ‘to be passed onto somebody more technical’ but, seriously, our women agents can hold their own and always, calmly, explain that they are more than capable of solving the issue! Working in tech support, our female agents often get called ‘Sir’, too, because it’s still unthinkable for some that a woman could possibly be so knowledgeable on technical issues. We know we’re great at what we do – as a team, we win awards for our support – but we’re respected and encouraged by our company, too. Everybody has a voice here at SMTP2GO, regardless of sex – and it’s a very nice feeling.

Here’s to International Women’s Day and the future wave of women in tech.

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