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As the year comes to an end, it’s a good time to look ahead and consider what the coming year will hold, while giving a nod of gratitude to the year that’s past. SMTP2GO’s CEO, Charles Abrahamson, shares his reflections on 2023 and his intentions for 2024.

What were the most significant changes that happened in 2023?

“There were so many things that we did to improve our service every week, that it’s hard to single out any specific ones. But sometimes we found a task that made a big difference to the user experience. For example, we changed the code of the Activity page to make the modal windows load faster, by preloading content where possible. But our team is always working hard and completing many tasks, each of which is enhancing the quality of service bit by bit.”

What can we expect from SMTP2GO in 2024 and beyond?

“We are thrilled to announce that we will soon offer optional longer storage periods for the Activity page, instead of just 30 days. You will be able to choose periods up to two years, for an extra fee to cover the storage costs. This has been a frequent request from businesses that need to access their past activity. You will also be able to sort the information on the Activity page by the original email sent date, not the latest event date. Email archiving will also get better, making it quicker and easier to search and delete emails over longer time spans. SMS reporting will also get a major upgrade, and our API documentation will be updated with a new system that is easy to follow. You will also be able to schedule data exports soon.”

“We are also testing a solution to automate the addition of DNS records for domains, to make it easier for you to add a domain as a verified sender. This will be a fascinating feature to see in action. We are also curious to see how Google and Yahoo will implement their planned changes in February, and we may add the option to set up DMARC in our App. We will also devote more time to listening to customer feedback and implementing more of the changes and features that you want.”

“Our main goals are always focused on stability, redundancy, and scalability. My personal goal is to aim for minimum downtime and provide the best possible service for our customers. We will also launch a completely revamped version of the App in the future, and we are already working on it.”

We are proud of what we have accomplished in 2023, and we are excited about what’s coming in 2024! Until then, happy holidays from the SMTP2GO team!

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