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As a company that helps people send email, we were interested to attend the action-packed Emarsys Revolution conference, which was held in London, last month.

Having listened to many industry experts speak, one thing became clear: when it comes to sending marketing-related email, recipients/customers are expecting MORE from the emails that drop into their inbox. Email is still the most effective permission-based communication channel, and anybody who sends email campaigns really needs to up their game with email personalization.  A basic ‘Dear <firstname>, is simply not going to cut the mustard any longer!

Customer expectations are rising

From hearing many industry experts speak, it became clear that most customers are not getting the experience they desire from the brands they shop with or the companies they hear from. Customer expectations are continually rising: they want to be treated as an individual and understood. But why is satisfactory customer experience so difficult to achieve and what can be done to improve it? A great place to start is email personalization and, in fact, more brands are personalizing email than ever before.

Brendan Witcher, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, shares that 61% of consumers are unwilling to return to a website that doesn’t offer a satisfactory CX. “Customers will walk away when the experience isn’t right… which is why we need to get to a state of individualising the customer experience.”

So expectations are on the rise, while satisfaction is on the decline. When it comes to marketing emails, 60% of consumers expect completely tailored offers and 40% won’t deal with a company if they receive no personalization. Customers want to be treated as individuals. Listen to them!

How to improve CX with email personalization

What does email personalization really mean these days? It goes way beyond the basics of how we used to customize names, use segmentation, or send trigger-based emails. Those tactics are absolute bare minimum today.

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