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When it comes to marketing, there are many communication channels to choose from that can be a little overwhelming, especially for smaller businesses without a dedicated marketing team. There is one marketing tool, however, that all businesses should be taking advantage of – and that’s the email list.

Email marketing efforts continue to bring ROI year on year, with a current $42 for every $1 spent (4200% ROI), and there is a significant reason why it continues to remain strong.

Customer reach

If you follow best practices when it comes to building your email list, then it’s a direct line to your current customers, customers who already love you, and use your product or services. For many companies, this is a great advantage when upselling opportunities are at large.

Which businesses can take advantage of their email list?

In reality, most businesses and sectors can take advantage of their email list, but one in particular that we’re going to talk about today is the health sector, such as opticians and dentists. People don’t tend to switch their providers and trust has already been established, meaning your open rates will be enviable. You also have a perfect opportunity to collect your customer’s email address from the start as you should already be using email or SMS for notifications and appointment reminders. Therefore, you have a fantastic excuse to collect your new customer’s email addresses and inform them that you will be sending these communications via email alongside other tailored promotions.

Most people without a doubt are interested in their health and with the right content and appearance, maintaining communication via email is a great strategy to get your customers back through the door more often. And of course, the same applies to other types of businesses as well, such as clothing companies that need an email for shipping, but can also entice the recipient to sign up for promotions. When it comes to clothing, I think we are all on that list! Or an Airline/travel service that needs an email at checkout, can also offer to send further promotions via email.

If you are completely new to email marketing and list building, check out the following blogs for some industry advice, “Email Marketing for Small Businesses” and “List Collection Methods and Best Practices“.

If you have any questions about using a Smarthost to send your marketing/transactional emails or SMS notifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to our award-winning support team at ticket@smtp2go.com, they’d be happy to help.

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