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Web Summit 2021…We’ll be there! While we had to hit pause on so many areas of life over the past two years, one thing that didn’t stop moving is tech and innovation. During a period unlike any other, the worldwide pandemic saw the web moving in all new directions – so it’s high time we caught up to chat all about it. 

While chatting about all things tech is exciting enough, we’ve gathered 10 reasons why we’ll be heading to Lisbon for November’s Conference.

Welcome to Web Summit 2021?

Running from the 1st-4th November in Lisbon, Web Summit 2021 is an annual technology conference. It brings together the big names in the international technology and innovation industry, imparting knowledge, wisdom and experiences and the vision for the future. With an expected 40,000 attendees this year, guests will be rubbing shoulders with many movers and shakers – let the networking commence! 

Forbes has called it “the best tech conference on the planet”, and we think this is why:

Getting insight from the greatest tech movers and shakers

With a guest list to get any tech enthusiast excited, Web Summit 2021 gives us 1000+ speakers, 1,500 journalists and 700+ investors. The AI Journal tells us to expect more than 1,450 startups and partners exhibiting on the Web Summit floor, including huge brands like Siemens, H&M, Cisco, eToro and KPMG. And if that doesn’t spark some serious networking opportunities, take a peek at some of the speakers in the entirely impressive schedule:

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, Microsoft president Brad Smith, Black Lives Matter co-founder Opal Tometi, COO of Reddit Jen Wong, and Hollywood comedian Amy Poehler (yes, you read that right!) See the full glittering list of unmissable voices on the Web Summit website.

Amy Poehler is an undeniable talent as an actress, writer, executive producer and bestselling author, as well as using her time to produce the award-winning website Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, showcasing girls changing the world.

Putting health and safety first

As the most unwanted elephant in the room, it’s reassuring to know that Web Summit has put several Covid safety measures in place for this ground-breaking event to take place. 

Along with following all legal Covid requirements of Portugal, Web Summit announced that official vaccine certificates or a negative Covid-19 test result will be required to attend the event. Where official certificates cannot be provided, a negative PCR test is required, remaining valid for 72 hours.

With health and safety a priority, Web Summit supports any attendee who wishes to wear a mask. Any appropriate measures that are in place at the event’s November date will be adhered to, with Web Summit keeping attendees in the know of any requirements and changes.

Paddy Cosgrove, co-founder and CEO at Web Summit says “attendee health and safety is our number-one priority. Teams of world-class live event producers across the company are meeting regularly with Portugal’s Directorate General of Health to build Web Summit in strict adherence with health guidelines at the time.”

With a strong commitment to health and safety, Web Summit 2021 allows you to focus on all things tech!

Networking, networking, networking!

Tradefest found that 68% of this year’s attendees will be in senior management positions with over 170 countries represented. Creating the ideal atmosphere for investors looking to invest, the Web Summit has been the very place that numerous successful companies (including Uber) have found and received funding.

Whether a start-up looking to share your story, or an interested investor, the potential to meet and mingle with eager ears is huge. The Web Summit is truly global combining technology opportunities with a wealth of experience and knowledge to tap into – all at your fingertips.

All Tech Conferences described the opportunities at Web Summit, saying it allows you to “share ideas with others in your field, meet your future business partner or seek advice from people who have done it all before.” 

All the learning opportunities 

You don’t need to look twice at the jam-packed Web Summit 2021 schedule to know that you’ll be leaving with fresh ideas. Web Summit adds expert masterclasses and roundtables to get the conversation flowing, allowing you insight into the minds of tech leaders and their industries. We all know pressing topics have shifted and changed over the last two years, and many attendees and speakers at Web Summit have been at the coal face. As a result, Web Summit has prolific speakers discussing topics including “Irreversible 2021: Setting new news metrics” with Kat Downs Mulder the managing editor at the Washington Post, Nicholas Johnston editor-in-chief at Axios and Jane Barrett the global editor for media news strategy at Reuters News.

Other topics include: Being a Global VC in a Remote World, Creativity Needs Diversity, Leading a Company Through Reinvention, The Crypto Uprising Most Didn’t See Coming, and so much more – take a look at the full schedule on the Web Summit website.

Getting in-the-know on the latest developments

A lot of tech companies are feeling that state-of-change right now, and the Web Summit provides a great place to get into the unknown. Many experts will be discussing trends for 2022 and beyond, and just how the Covid age has changed tech.

Keep ahead of the curve and see the direction the companies around you are taking in this new frontier of tech. Learn from top speakers and your fellow attendees as we all face this new tech age together!

Lead generation / market research

Web Summit has created the ideal setting for discovering new contacts and generating precious leads. You’re given the opportunity to connect with everyone from CEOs and founders to marketers and developers that can help you drive your business forward.

Web Summit calls it “engineered serendipity”. Whether meeting others face-to-face on the event floor, or making the most of the event’s apps, they’re all about making connections. Use Web Summit’s software to touch base with entrepreneurs or companies you’d like to meet (even before the doors open on the event!). You can use Web Summit’s app to search attendees by name, industry or location – from there you can continue your communications on the event floor or at the many top restaurants or bars in Lisbon.

Be inspired

Forbes described Web Summit as bridging “the gap between creativity and tech, while balancing sober dialogue with the optimistic ethos synonymous with innovation.” Web Summit is not just all tech, because tech is informed by so many parts of this world. You’ll be immersed by inspiring content brought to you by authors, athletes, actors and more, discussing just how tech touches their industries too.

You’ll stay engaged with panel talks, roundtable discussions, Q & As, masterclasses and more. These inspiring talks will cover more than 30 topics, showing you the extremely far reaches of tech worldwide.

Team building

Gather your whole team, because Web Summit is a joint experience to build and strengthen your whole company. Professional bonds are sure to be strengthened as new ideas are formed through learning and networking opportunities. Represent all corners of your own company and see your team members access their skills and extend their creativity.

After a long season of being apart, Web Summit gives you the chance to reunite, reconnect and reignite your shared goals as a company.

Brand awareness

Web Summit is the world’s largest gathering of international media, creating the perfect place to share your brand with a uniquely global audience. Network with global organisations and generate opportunities for global recognition. Create contacts from around the world through conversations you may have missed out on without Web Summit 2021!

Web Summit attracts journalists from Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. This can help you get your message out there as you create connections to benefit your business in the future.


Learn, network and connect at Web Summit 2021, all while you enjoy and experience all that Lisbon has to offer. As the Web Summit site states: Come for Web Summit. Stay for Lisbon. The undeniably beautiful city creates an invigorating setting for the conference, with gorgeous architecture, delicious food and wine and historical hidden gems.

Known for fresh seafood and delectable wines, every meal is a treat, and an opportunity to connect with conference attendees. We all know a work get-together goes best with yummy cuisine and a breath-taking backdrop! See the city’s culture and history for yourself and take a look at Web Summit’s Lisbon recommendations.

Hopefully see you there! 

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