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At SMTP2GO, we believe in the power of community and giving back. That’s why we annually encourage our support team to take part in volunteer days, actively contributing to local initiatives and making a positive impact.

This year, Louise participated in the Carnaval festival at her daughter’s primary school, experiencing firsthand the significance of community celebrations and cultural traditions.

“Carnaval is a a really important event in Spanish culture, embodying joy, creativity, and community spirit.

Originating from a blend of pagan and Christian traditions, Carnaval lights up Spain with vibrant parades, costumes, and music. People gather, letting loose and reveling in their heritage’s rich tapestry. For children, Carnaval sparks imagination and enables free expression through elaborate costumes and fun activities. We live in a small town near Madrid, where Carnaval holds even greater significance as it brings our small community together in a shared celebration of culture and identity.

As an Irish expatriate living in Spain for the past decade, I really appreciate every opportunity to immerse myself in local traditions and culture. Moving to a new country has been a journey of discovery, and participating in events like Carnaval allows me to deepen my connection to the vibrant mosaic of Spanish heritage. Each year, I eagerly embrace the chance to learn more about the customs and rituals that make Spain such a rich and diverse country.

In my daughter’s school, Carnaval is an eagerly anticipated event where each class selects a unique theme for their costumes. This year, the 5-year-olds embraced the role of ‘crazy scientists.’ As a volunteer, I had the pleasure of helping them bring their imaginative visions to life, from adjusting lab coats to securing makeshift goggles. The pre-parade excitement buzzed with infectious giggles and squeals as we transformed into our scientific alter-egos.

We gathered early to organize the children into groups, ensuring everyone was accounted for and ready to participate. As the Charanga band started up, we proudly joined the parade, marching through the streets adorned in our scientist costumes. The kids felt like celebrities as neighbors and locals lined the streets, waving and dancing with us. It was heartwarming to see their faces light up every time they recognized someone.

Arriving at the main square, we joined the rest of the school in a whirlwind of dancing and fun. Kids were spinning around, their faces lit up with excitement as they got caught up in the lively atmosphere of the festivities. It felt like something special was happening, where everyone came together and got closer through all the fun they shared.

Reflecting on my volunteer experience at Carnaval, I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of something so wonderful, and for getting to share these memories with my little girl. Beyond the colorful costumes and lively music, Carnaval embodies the essence of community spirit—a reminder that together, we can create moments of joy and connection that resonate far beyond the festivities themselves.

As a member of the SMTP2GO family, I’m proud to uphold our commitment to giving back and making a positive difference in the communities we live in. Whether it’s through volunteering, charitable donations, or simply spreading kindness, we have the power to shape a brighter future for all.

In the end, Carnaval isn’t just about costumes and parades; it’s about coming together to celebrate our shared humanity and embrace the beauty of diversity. These events serve as a reminder of how fortunate I am to have been accepted into our adopted community. And for that, I am truly grateful.”


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