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When it comes to sending email – especially vast volumes – problems can (unwittingly) happen. All of our team are proactive in spotting issues and stepping in to, firstly, educate and secondly, resolve.

Long-standing customer, Alex Clay, CEO of Suran Systems, Inc, had this to say:

“SMTP2GO achieves its core functionality. Their servers stay up, email is delivered, and the reporting and analytical tools help you troubleshoot any delivery issues. Their API is comprehensive, and their development has willingly expanded it upon request. What really sets SMTP2GO apart is their customer service. Any time I’ve had a technical issue, the support team responds quickly with actionable information. I’m not been referred to a Knowledge Base article I’ve already read, and I’m given all the relevant details and helpful directions that solve the problem.

When we’ve inadvertently run into compliance issues, SMTP2GO was understanding and helped us meet their terms and conditions. They easily could’ve cancelled our account, but instead they worked to educate us and resolve the problem. In doing so, SMTP2GO made us a life-long customer. I cannot recommend SMTP2GO enough. They offer a solution to a specific problem and do so with professionalism, reliability, and expertise.”

Thanks, Alex! We’re happy that you’re happy 🙂

If you’d like to discover more about the service/support we offer, contact us.

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Ready for better email delivery?
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