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  • Having Trouble Sending with Apple Mail?

    Since the OS X Yosemite update to Apple Mail, many clients have been experiencing problems while sending emails. They’ve checked usernames and passwords, swapped port numbers and servers, and re-entered SMTP settings countless times, but nothing seems to work. Here’s how to fix it: From the ‘Mail’ menu, go to ‘Preferences’. Once there, click on […]

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    Gmail Blocked in China: SMTP2GO Can Help

    For the past six months, almost all of Google’s services – including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Hangouts – have experienced serious disruptions when trying to gain access from China. The biggest blow, however, has just been made to Gmail, the world’s biggest email service, which has finally been blocked […]

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    Emails Stuck in your Outbox and Won’t Send?

    Having one or more emails stuck in your Outbox is an indication that your SMTP server settings may be incorrect, OR, your SMTP settings may be correct, but your current location could be blocking the port you are trying to use. Whether you use Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, or any other email […]

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    Orange SMTP Server in France

    We have had reports that the ISP Orange, in France, has blocked the use of any external SMTP server other than their own. This is the only ISP in the world that we are currently aware of that has implemented this very strict policy. If you are using SMTP2GO, it is still worth trying to […]

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