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One of the questions that we often receive revolves around the storage of sensitive data. At SMTP2GO, we are renowned for our commitment to user privacy and data security. This blog post delves into our storage practices, takes a deep dive into our Email Archiving feature and how you could benefit from it.

In general, we maintain a policy against storing emails. However, in specific instances where our review team suspects a breach of terms of service, including spamming, they actively assess email communications. In such cases, our protocol is to securely store one email per one thousand sent for 35 days before deletion. For trusted accounts, the option to opt out of this storage feature is available upon request, underscoring our dedication to user privacy. We retain all email headers for 35 days before deletion, and you can conveniently access them on the Activity Page of your dashboard.

Email Archiving: An Empowering Choice

Our Email Archiving feature, available as an optional paid service, gives you heightened control over your email data. This feature enables users to actively store the full content of emails, including attachments and delivery records. You can actively view or download the searchable data from your SMTP2GO dashboard, gaining invaluable insights into your outgoing emails.

Location and Infrastructure

Depending on the user’s account location, we store archived emails in the USA, Europe, or Australia. We leverage Google’s Cloud Platform, utilizing services such as Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage for robust and scalable storage solutions.

Adjusting Archiving Duration

Users enjoy the flexibility to proactively adjust the duration of email archiving directly from the dashboard. You can increase or decrease your storage duration based on your individual needs, and you’ll be billed accordingly at the close of the billing month.

Why Email Archiving Matters

Email archiving is an extremely important tool across various sectors, offering advantages in compliance adherence, litigation discovery, business productivity, training, cost reduction, and data loss prevention. By actively archiving emails, users establish a secure and searchable repository of their communication history, ready to meet regulatory requirements or legal challenges.

We actively prioritize user privacy and data security when it comes to email storage. While our platform, as standard practice, refrains from storing emails, our optional Email Archiving feature actively empowers users to take control of their data. It serves as a valuable resource for compliance, legal protection, and business insights. SMTP2GO stands out as a trusted choice for those actively seeking a reliable email service that prioritizes both functionality and security.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding our storage practices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We’ll be happy to help!

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