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The SMTP2GO culture is about community engagement, and we always love an opportunity to make a positive impact. Our employees are encouraged to get involved and give back. For Emily Grandoli’s Staff Volunteer Day, she participated in Recojamos Bazuraleza, a trash pick-up in nature. Here, Emily shares her experience…

Ecoembes is a non-profit organization in Spain with a focus on eco-design and packaging. In partnership with SEO/BirdLife, Spain’s leading bird conservation charity, they have created Project LIBERA, a non-profit environmental group that promotes a circular economy through recycling. It was Project LIBERA that led the charge on Saturday, June 11th, promoting a nationwide nature clean-up called Recojamos Basuraleza.

Whenever I go out on a hike or head to the beach, I end up leaving with a small amount of trash found on the trail or near the shore. As an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, I firmly stand by the idea that we must leave no trace when enjoying nature, so I was excited to get involved in this initiative. We were about 60 people (a third of them children!) gathered in the natural reserve near Onda, Spain on a sunny Saturday morning. Amidst the spring flowers and early-June morning heat, we put on our gloves and got to work. 

The more trash we picked up, the more we began to notice – cans, bottles, cigarette butts, popped balloons, confetti… There was so much trash! Luckily were taking the challenge on in teams. We separated the plastics, papers, glass, and rubbish as we went. After weighing our treasure at the end of the morning, we realized we had picked up more than 200 kilograms of trash! The best part of this experience was working in a team mixed with lots of different people from the local community, all working together to better our shared public spaces. We were able to foster a deeper awareness of our waste while enjoying the fresh mountain air and good company.

Next time you head out to the beach, on a walk, or to sit by your favorite river, remember to leave no trace. Check out the UN Sustainable Development Goals to learn more about global initiatives and get inspired to give back. Don’t forget your trash bag!

With special thanks to Peronda Group for hosting this event in Onda, Spain. 

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