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“Having SMTP2GO take care of the email side of things for us allows us to focus on what we do best,” Mike Reader, owner of New Zealand’s Hungry Hosting.

A fellow company based in New Zealand (like our good selves!), Hungry Hosting offers web hosting services primarily targeted at businesses and individuals who have used other major shared hosting providers in the past, but have been left disappointed by slow performance, outdated software and poor service. Due to having their own websites affected by these kind of issues, Hungry Hosting decided to run their own service with world class SSD powered servers, fast connections and the latest/greatest server software. One of the most important aspects for the company was to guarantee that emails would be delivered without issues, and that is how their relationship with SMTP2GO began 🙂

We spoke to

Mike Reader, the owner and operator of the business. Mike takes care of the day-to-day operations, whilst keeping the customers happy at the same time.

How SMTP2GO is used by Hungry Hosting

“We use SMTP2GO to handle all outgoing mail as an SMTP Smart Host with cPanel. We found the set up instructions provided on the SMTP2GO website a total breeze to implement with no hiccups. It was a real change from the convoluted systems that we found with other providers.”

What made you sign-up for our service?

“With the likes of Gmail, Hotmail and Office365 creating their own strict SPAM filters, it’s very hard for a small hosting company to run an effective mail server as it simply lacks reputation from a starting point. Having SMTP2GO take care of the email side of things for us allows us to focus on what we do best, while not missing out on having the email side of the business taken care of to the same high standard that we operate for our web hosting.”

Were there specific issues that needed addressing?

“Primarily ensuring that emails are delivered quickly and to the inbox, without being incorrectly marked as SPAM or caught out by other users abusing a shared service and causing the mail reputation to be harmed for everyone. We find SMTP2GO is very proactive in ensuring SPAM simply does not happen and they truly look after their service.”

Key benefits

“I can sleep at night knowing that emails are being taken care of and working 100% of the time. It’s also great to have such good backing from the support team whenever we have had a query; they’ve always made sure we are satisfied.”

What do you like most about our service?

“Ease of use, simple interface that is easy to understand, yet has detailed reports on what is going on with the service. Plus, email deliverability that is world class! There’s far less maintenance, it’s extremely reliable and is a very good price. Using SMTP2GO ensures our customers get order emails, support tickets and general communications directly to their inbox without fail.”

If you were to recommend us to a friend?

“If you want to ensure that your business can succeed in having your important emails delivered on time – and every time – without the likelihood of hitting SPAM filters, you truly do need to look at having SMTP2GO take care of your outgoing mail. Why would you do anything else when there are experts at SMTP2GO who can ensure your emails get to your customers’ inbox without delay? It’s a no brainer!”

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