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This post covers the common questions and information asked for in regard to billing, pricing and plans when using SMTP2GO.

What payment frequency does SMTP2GO offer?

SMTP2GO offers monthly or annual subscriptions for all paid-level plans. Our annual subscriptions include two months free. For further information on plan levels, view our Subscription Plan Differences Explained article.

What payment options are accepted and how can I pay?

We accept payment from all major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer/ACH is available for annual subscriptions (the invoice and bank details are provided as part of the checkout process). Further details can be found in our Payment Options article. Payment is made via the Account > Change Plan page of your SMTP2GO dashboard if you’re upgrading to a paid plan for the first time.

If you require an invoice, please see the instructions to generate that in our Vendor Information article.

How do I update payment details for an existing subscription?

You can update payment details via your account’s Account > Billing Details page. Further details can be found in our Updating Your Payment Details article. Note: only account team members with Owner permissions will have access to updating billing details.

How does SMTP2GO’s pricing work?

Pricing is based on a monthly sending allowance. The plan levels offered are shown on the Account > Change Plan page ranging from 10,000 emails per month to 5 million emails per month. If a higher monthly volume is needed, please reach out to our support team via the Change Plan page or use one of the support channels (support ticket, live chat or phone) to discuss options for a custom plan to suit your sending needs.

Additional charges which may be incurred include:

Email overage:
Standard subscriptions are charged per 1,000 extra emails sent. The overage pricing depends on the plan level and can be seen on the Account > Change Plan page.

Legacy subscriptions (which are being phased out) are charged a price per extra email sent.

Archiving pricing:
Standard subscriptions are charged USD $0.50 per GB per month. Further information can be found in our Email Archiving article.

Legacy subscriptions (which are being phased out) are charged a price per email archived.
Archiving pricing can be seen in the account on the Settings > Sending Options > Archiving Duration page.

Dedicated IPs:
Accounts on Professional and Premier plans (100,000 emails per month and above) include one dedicated IP. Additional IPs can be added for USD $19 per IP per month on the Settings > Dedicated IPs page. The additional charge will either be monthly or annually depending on the type of subscription payment frequency.

SMS Messaging Pricing:
The pricing for SMS messaging is a price per SMS sent as well as a cost per phone number. Pricing per message and dedicated numbers are location-dependent. Full SMS messaging details can be found in our SMS Messaging article.

How do I change my plan?

You can change the plan (upgrade, downgrade or swap between monthly and annual) in your account on the Account > Change Plan page.

Upgrading will occur immediately on successful payment. If upgrading and you have remaining credit from your existing plan, it will be taken into account for the update.

If you wish to downgrade your plan, once you’ve made the update it will take place once you reach the end of the current payment cycle.

Where can I find my invoices?

All invoices for payments made can be found in the account on the Account > Billing Details page. Invoices are also emailed to the billing email address set on the Billing Details page.

Are there notifications in regard to payments and invoices?

Yes, invoices and any billing-related emails (e.g. upcoming payment reminders, failed payment notifications, etc.) are sent to the billing email address set on the Account > Billing Details page. 

What do I do if I have questions in regard to pricing or my invoice?

Reach out to our friendly support team via live chat, email ticket or phone.

Can I try the service before paying?

You can make use of our Free Plan which offers 1,000 emails per month for as long as you need. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do need to trial a higher volume paid plan whilst testing to see if our service is suitable for your needs.

Does SMTP2GO pricing include any promotions or discounts?

We love to support non-profit organizations and not-for-profit education providers and offer a generous 30% discount on plan pricing, once requested. View our Non-profit Discount article for further information.

What happens if I use all of my plan’s monthly email allowance before renewal?

Free plan:
If you reach the 1,000 email limit on the free plan within the monthly period, sending will be paused. Any emails sent after this point will be rejected and are not held in the mail queue. To continue sending, you will need to upgrade to a paid-level plan for more volume or wait until your monthly quota resets (this date is shown on your main dashboard page under the quota usage bar).

Paid plans:
Paid plans have the ability to go into email overage for flexibility so they can continue sending if the monthly limit is met – this occurs automatically and no account changes are required. Email overage allows you to go up to three times over the initial limit. Further information can be seen in our Email Overage article.

Quota usage notifications:
All plans (free and paid) will be sent email notifications to team members who have ‘Notifications’ enabled (via the Account > Edit Team page) when their monthly quota reaches certain levels. View our Quota Usage Notifications article for full information.

Pricing and Billing Support

If you have specific questions in regard to billing, pricing or plans then please reach out to our award-winning support team for assistance.

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