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You want to be a welcome addition to someone’s inbox, not ignored like an unwanted Facebook invite. At SMTP2GO, we want to help you have users become subscribers so your message always lands in their inbox. This is why we always recommend opt-ins. An opt-in is a genuine user who chooses to become part of your email list for offers, future communications and content.

The average opt-in rate on a website ranges from 1% to 5% and, if you’re finding yourself on the lower end of the scale, we have a few recommendations to help:

  1. Increase your email opt-ins by sending users to a dedicated landing page. Create a redirect button on your homepage to the form and have a quick and simple area inviting users to join your list. Keep the required fields to the essential minimum (2 – 4 is best!), ensure the text and colors are attractive and request exactly what is needed – and no more. Don’t forget: a specific opt-in page is a helpful tool to begin your sales funnel.
  2. Nail your opt-in email subject line. The subject line on an email is your welcoming front door – you want compelling and clickable – but how? You want your first impression to stand out in a full inbox, so we recommend personalization, timeliness and offers. Go for personalization to create a friendly and familiar feel, short and concise language, and a timely send – like a dinner and drinks list sent at 6pm. Create an offer element like “10% off” as an extra enticement to click on that email. A compelling subject line can increase your open rate and the rate of subscriptions from subscribers who never normally open the email in the first place.
  3. Write opt-in email copy that’s easy and inviting. Here you want quality over quantity. Avoid a text-heavy block and make opting-in an easy and unmissable process. Create a clear call to action that inspires curiosity and a single button or text box to get things started: “Is your property reaching its potential? Find out what you’re missing here”.  Make sure you state the outcome your subscriber will get and exactly what you’ll be giving them, too.
  4. Consider your offer. Users may require that small extra encouragement to jump on board with you, which is why an incentive is worth considering. Whether this is a discount, extra access or a special email send that comes with sign-up, an offer can help with turning a user into a subscriber. Offers can be powerful in reaching the maximum number of subscribers and are a useful addition to your homepage, subject line or email send.
  5. Finish your opt-in process with a Thank You page. This is a great way to remind your user just why they opted-in in the first place. A Thank You page can draw your user into your brand and how you operate. They become part of the crew with things like suggested content, discounts and other handy information. Don’t leave your shiny new subscriber high-and-dry: complete your process with a friendly welcome.

At SMTP2GO we completely handle email delivery and can supply you with easy-to-read information about what happens from there. We monitor open rates so you find out exactly what works with your customer base. We always recommend a clean subscriber list made up of genuine opt-ins, and we have all the checks in place to ensure this is what’s happening.

With a few tweaks, your customers will be rolling out the welcome mat to their inbox.

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