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Email is crucial for business, but needs may vary from company to company, and person to person, which is why there are many different ways you can integrate with SMTP2GO. 

So let’s go through them…

Classic SMTP

Connect using the SMTP protocol and send email directly from your email application. This is the most common and traditional method of integrating your software with SMTP2GO.


Our robust API feature allows you to:

GET: request data from a server (eg. report on email bounce statistics)

POST: send new information to a server (eg. send an email)

PUT: make changes to existing data on a server (eg. update an SMTP user)

DELETE: remove existing information from a server (eg. remove an SMTP user)

OSS Integrations

SMTP2GO’s GitHub repository of open-source software integrations is available here. You’ll find useful code to integrate with SMTP2GO.

Repositories include:

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

cPanel/WHM Automation Plugin

Our enterprise cPanel/WHM Automation Plugin (Beta) is designed for hosting providers who manage many customer domains and email services.

The plugin is designed to complete the following tasks:

Slack App

Get notifications in your daily workflow with the SMTP2GO Slack App!

This integration will send real-time events from the Reports > Activity feed (even system status updates) to a Slack channel of your choice.


Events can be enabled or disabled at any time via the Settings > Webhooks section of the user dashboard.


By clicking “More details”, you will be taken straight to your SMTP2GO dashboard where you can see more information on the specific event.

SMTP2GO WordPress Plugin

SMTP2GO’s WordPress plugin replaces the default WordPress wp_mail() function and, once enabled, all outgoing mail sent through your WordPress installation will be sent via our servers.

We released this plugin in 2018 and it has had fantastic reviews so far.


Webhooks are an advanced feature that allows us to notify your own web service whenever an event happens in your SMTP2GO account. For example, you can choose for your own server to be instantly notified whenever a bounce occurs.

You can set up webhooks under the Settings > Webhooks page in your SMTP2GO dashboard.

If you have any questions on how to integrate with SMTP2GO, reach out to our award-winning support team today.

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Ready for better email delivery?
Try SMTP2GO free for as long as you like:

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