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In August, Emily and Louise had the opportunity to attend Inbox Expo in Valencia, one of the sunniest events of the email calendar!


The event took place at Hotel Balneario Las Arenas, overlooking the beautiful Valencian beaches. It was the perfect venue for sun, sea, sand and sending! I drove down from Madrid to attend and was delighted to have the opportunity to meet Emily and Sam for the first time. Working remotely means that we often work for months or years at a time without meeting our colleagues, so it’s always exciting to finally put a face to a name.

Andrew and Nelly were the most perfect hosts for the event and thought of every tiny detail. On the Sunday, they arranged a get-together at one of the beach clubs so that attendees could get to know each other before the event. A pool with sea views, nibbles, cocktails and fantastic company. We couldn’t ask for more! I was a little hesitant about attending the event as I was 7 months pregnant, but they had thought of everything, and even had virgin cocktails to hand! The freebies were also fantastic, with everything from suncream to inflatable pool lilos and paddle boards, and flip flops for the beach!

There was an incredible line-up of speakers and topics, and I learned so much from the three days. It was interesting to see how certain themes were repeated, such as why the promotions tab on Gmail isn’t a bad place to be! (Tip: if you’re sending promotional emails, it’s exactly where you want to be!)

We also got to meet some of the best and brightest in the world of email marketing, and it was a pleasure to discuss and debate certain practices and policies with them. It’s also nice to see that our own policies and ways of doing things are backed up by other #emailexperts, so we can feel confident that we’re doing right by our own clients.


Sun, sand, waves, and… emails! It was a perfect blend of work and play at the Inbox Expo event in Valencia, Spain this August. Between moments of soaking up the Valencian sun and heat, we soaked up loads of information discussing a range of topics email-related such as safety, marketing, and deliverability.

Although I’m based in Valencia, attending this Inbox Expo offered a new perspective of the city. We spent 4 gorgeous days at Las Arenas Resort right on the beach, and the event, hosted by EmailExpert, was amazing! We learned from top-notch deliverability experts such as Nicola Selenu, email marketing pros like Dela Quist from AlchemyWorx, or Jon May, author of “Send Better Emails”. Several experts focused on the data that drives the email industry, which was especially interesting to me. The most useful information for me was learning more about email security and DNS records, so I can better help our clients on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention the catering and views from Las Arenas Resort Hotel – nothing beats working with a cool glass of gazpacho and a view of the Mediterranean sea!

Meeting up with #emailgeeks from all over the world was the best part of Inbox Expo. From email security to marketing and deliverability, we absorbed loads of information that helps us better understand our work. Another enriching experience for me was attending the conference with Louise, whom I had yet to meet in person. Spending a few days together always makes working remotely a bit more familiar. Sam, another rockstar colleague, came to the city for dinner one night, as well. We had a fair amount of our remote team members in one place, which is a rare and special occurrence for us!

InboxExpo was an event to repeat. I look forward to next year to hear about the constantly evolving world of email!

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