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At the best of times, communication is key. At the worst of times, it’s a necessity! Over the past (tough) weeks, individuals and companies have had to up their game when it comes to online communication. In fact, a number of people have found that they are communicating more than they were before: with loved ones, colleagues, and old friends. Even our team here at SMTP2GO, who are accustomed to working from home, have taken the opportunity to arrange video meetings – to simply catch up, hear someone else’s voice, and to spread a little love.

So, how does email fit into all of this, and what’s the important role of email during a crisis? If you think about it, email is the quickest way to formally reach thousands of people at the same time. Social media is great for light-hearted, non-personalized notifications, and conducting phone calls would be a little over the top and would take a lot of time, as would a letter.

The Covid-19 Email: Is it Necessary?

Yes and no! It depends on the type of business and its customer base. There has been a surplus of Covid-19 emails, and some have been unnecessary. If half of your mailing list is built up of customers who bought a product from you last year and they haven’t bought anything since, you might want to hold off on telling them that you are still in business. Do they care? Probably not.

However, during uncertain times, a quick email to inform your customers or followers what’s happening with your business and how it will affect them (that’s the key), is needed. Being in the know is important, and being left wondering can be frustrating.The Important Role of Email - An example Covid-19 email

After that, it’s either time to leave your subscribers be, or it’s a great opportunity to promote further parts of your business or try to continue your business from a different angle. Gyms for one, have been encouraging fitness fanatics to keep up with online classes and offering nutritional advice. It’s a detail that their customers will appreciate and helps keep up that community spirit.

The Important Role of Email - example of a gym advertising an online class.

How to Get a Crisis Email Right

There are a few things to take into account, this is no ordinary email! You may need to tweak your usual emailing style, see below for some top tips! 👌


Particularly now, it’s not the time to take chances with your subject line. Keep it short, precise and make the content clear.

Text vs Images

This depends on which stage of the email series you are at. If you are sending your first email, the one informing your customers about how this crisis affects them and your business, you should concentrate on text (make it brief!). See it as a letter as opposed to your regular email where imagery is necessary. Then, when it comes to follow-up emails, offers, and alternatives, it’s fine to bring back a bit of creativity, just like the gym example in the image above.


You may need to change your tone a little. It’s a sensitive time that has affected so many people and in so many different ways.

Give Value

If you can, it’s a great opportunity to be creative with your business. Give your customers something and thank them for their loyalty throughout this difficult time.

Be Ready for Change

Covid-19 was unexpected, so get ready for further changes. We don’t know what’s going to happen next. You may need to change your approach, style or even your offerings.

Call-to-Actions and Links.

Be clear if action is needed and add links to further information to avoid overwhelming your recipients in the email.

Wish Your Customers Well

Be safe out there guys! #WeAreStayingHome

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