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Our biggest aim, here at SMTP2GO, is to be like a first-class courier for email and achieve ultimate inbox success. It’s really important to us that our customers can easily send and track emails, and forget any headaches with email delivery. So we love it when we get positive feedback!

An independent, US-based company fixer/growth hacker (who, for professional reasons, wishes to remain anonymous) reached out to us with the following searingly honest review and, as it could prove helpful to others, we wanted to share it. 

From email oblivion to inbox success:

“My company used one of the largest ESPs for the best part of 10 years. During 2022, we started losing contact with our own clients and important alliance partners. We could not figure out what was going on. It started to damage our relationships with our best clients. 

Finally, the ESP was silently getting blocked because it badly manages its sender reputation. I pressed them about this and they had no solid answer. They seemed very negatively impacted by bad corporate management, which lead to excessive growth followed by radical levels of layoffs. I felt caught in a digital meat grinder. But I felt like the work to move providers was so much that I better press through it with them.

Then, to get delivered to Gmail users properly, for example, they wanted us to upgrade to an account 100x bigger than we needed, with no guarantee that would fix it! That was the last straw for me. They tried to turn a them-at-fault support issue into an up-sell opportunity. They were holding us hostage.

We were stuck in a digital black hole. Online oblivion.

I started looking at alternatives a lot more seriously and assessed more than 10 different options for SMTP service providers. After noticing some of the same issues with others, I kept searching for a solution that was going to really free us from the mess of big providers who seem to not actually care.

I decided to test SMTP2GO on our most important messages, which had never previously worked properly.

After initial testing with the hardest receiver servers, 100% landed not just in the inbox but with a high-priority status. We were marked ‘important’ by Gmail, versus ‘promotional’ or ‘spam’ before SMTP2GO. With so much of the world using Gmail, that is major! We were still on the FREE tier during this test!

In under 20 minutes, I had our entire sending infrastructure moved. Several of our top domains verified as senders. Way easier than the alternatives, and way faster to set up. Way clearer management tools. I about passed out from shock!

We are very low volume, quality over quantity… but that is the point: it should not be rocket science to get into the inbox for your own clients and alliance partners!

I checked in with the SMTP2GO support team partly to see what was needed to establish and grow a strong relationship long-term, and partly to see how quickly they responded. They responded pretty much instantly. Numerous times. With awesome attitudes. Answered everything, checked my account to make sure we would not be flagged, and gave an all-clear.

Wow. I ought to have gotten fed up sooner and moved over to SMTP2GO long ago! Looking forward again. That feeling of dread is gone. I achieved perfect deliverability thanks to SMTP2GO.

I think it’s awesome how cool SMTP2GO is. Super weird, honestly, as I never cared so much about SMTP before!”

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