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The lush Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is a holiday paradise – and there are many who are proud to call it home. SMTP2GO customer, Carlyle Roberts, lives and works on the island and uses our service to help his company safely and reliably send their business emails.

Tell us about yourself…

I work for FIRM Insurance Brokers as the Information Technology and Office Services Manager. FIRM Insurance Brokers is a liaison between Insurance carriers and our customers. We provide all classes of life, property and auto insurance. One of our most impressive functions is our ability to speedily and accurately settle insurance claims on behalf of our customers. I handle all IT related matters, in addition to operational functions – such as building maintenance and staff welfare for about 45 employees spread across three branches.

What made you look for an SMTP service provider? Was there a particular pain-point that needed solving, for example? 

Our current email provider became unreliable for sending email because they were blacklisted by several domains. This is a major deficiency for our type business.

For your business, what are the key benefits of using SMTP2GO?

Key benefits of SMTP2GO are reliable email delivery, easy report views, reasonably priced tiers and rapid response from tech support.

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on business and the way we work: is there a specific way that using our service has helped during recent months? 

By guaranteeing reliable email delivery, with or without the global pandemic, SMTP2GO has significantly helped our business by ensuring email communication from FIRM to our many clients, on various domains, is processed seamlessly.

If you can recall, how did you find the sign up/onboarding process? 

I found SMTP2GO via a Google search for email delivery providers. I was able to configure and send my first test email within 5 minutes!

If you were to recommend us to a friend, what would you say? 

SMTP2GO’s service is excellent, easy to use and configure. The activity monitor is a great management tool with just enough detail for IT to quickly identify any issues, the web interface is easy to understand and intuitive And, to top it off, there’s a rapid response from ticket support. Unbeatable value for money! As we say in Jamaica: “Big up yourselves, SMTP2GO!”

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