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Create separate accounts for each of your customers.

Every paid account with us already has the ability to set up and manage subaccounts. To get started, simply login and head to 'Settings Subaccounts'.


Your customers gain visibility into their own email delivery.

This can be a real time-saver for agencies. Your customers can optionally login to their account, adjust their own settings, and track every email they send. Their emails will no longer go missing without trace.


Provide Dedicated IPs for larger senders.

Choose to provide your larger customers with their own dedicated IP address, so their email reputation is based solely on their own emails, all from within SMTP2GO.

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Start creating separate accounts for each of your customers within your paid account today

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Would we be suitable for this?

Most likely yes! Our resellers are typically web design agencies, or other types of businesses with customers needing to send email.

Can our subaccounts manage their own accounts?

Yes. Day-to-day management can be done completely by each of your subaccounts, freeing up your time.