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If you have created an account with us recently, you may have noticed that we asked that you add a Sender Domain… Here’s why!

In order to improve your delivery rates, we always recommend creating an SPF record and a DKIM record in your DNS settings and adding them to the Sender Domains page of your SMTP2GO dashboard. By doing so, this tells the recipient server that you have given our servers permission to send on your behalf. Without these small changes, recipient servers may flag your emails as spam and either dump them in the junk folder, or else just not accept them at all.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records tell the recipient server that you have given SMTP2GO’s servers permission to send on behalf of your domain name. A DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) signature digitally signs your emails so that your particular domain name can claim responsibility for the email sent. If you haven’t set up a DKIM record, SMTP2GO signs your emails with our domain name. Gmail recipients will see that emails are sent “via smtpcorp.com” or “via smtp2go.com” and you may experience some issues when sending to some recipient servers such as Hotmail/ Yahoo/ Gmail and AOL. If you need to set up a DMARC record (which is useful to prevent spammers sending phishing emails from your domain name) then you will absolutely need to create a DKIM signature.

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In some cases, if an SMTP2GO account has been created using a Gmail email address, we will require you to create your Sender Domain before we can enable sending for your account. This is to help crack down on spammers, and to ensure that only legitimate accounts make it through our strict review procedure. We do this to protect our IP address reputation and to ensure efficient and reliable delivery for all of our clients.

We have created a generic step-by-step guide to creating your Sender Domain and also more detailed guides for all of the most common domain hosts, and our customer support team are always available in case you need any further assistance with your setup.


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