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If you’re in eCommerce, you won’t be a stranger to an abandoned cart. According to statista.com, the average cart abandonment rate across all devices was above 80% in 2021. That’s a huge segment that should be retargeted to regain those sales. This is where abandoned cart emails come in.

Why do people abandon their shopping carts?

From price to delivery length, there are many different reasons why a person abandons their shopping cart. The chart below might help you analyze your specific case to perhaps make some changes.

Chart to show the main reason why people abandone their cart

Source: Baymard Institute

How effective are abandoned cart emails?

If you were looking for a benchmark report all about abandoned cart emails, look no further. According to Klaviyo, abandoned cart emails have some of the best stats amongst other email marketing efforts. Klaviyo even generated $60 million in 3 months with their abandoned cart email strategy!

Their stats:

Recommended approach

Get the timing right!

You might think it’s too obtrusive to send the email straight away but stats show otherwise. A study done by Elasticpath showed the optimum time to send an abandoned cart email was a quick 20 minutes after, which increased conversions by 5.2%. Whereas leaving it a full 24 hours showed a decrease in conversions by 50%.

Give them the right information

In the email itself, it’s best to include all the positives (where applicable), such as free shipping, fast-track shipping costs, your returns policy/warranty to ease their decision. This humorous example from Nomad does just that!

NOMAD abandoned cart emails example

Image courtesy: Really Good Emails

Social proof is the cherry on top

According to Oberlo, 89% of people will read reviews before buying a product. Make their job easier and include some of these reviews.

Casper Abandoned Cart Emails

Image courtesy: Really Good Emails

Make it impossible to say no

What about a discount? If it was the original price that made them think twice, a discount may just sway them.

Abadoned cart emails - awe example

Image courtesy: Really Good Emails

Quick! Before it’s sold out

Add a sense of urgency to your email. They played with fire once, will they do it again?

Abandoned card emails - example

Image courtesy: Really Good Emails

The subject line is important

It’s all well and good to focus on the right content/message, but what if they don’t open the email? This great example by Target is humorous and is it’s bound to entice those opens. It’s also important to follow standard subject line tips (the use of a trigger word could filter the email straight into the spam folder). See here for more information on this.

Abandoned card emails - subject line example

Is once enough?

Depending on your product/client base, you might need to play around with how often to send abandoned cart emails. Looking back at Klaviyo’s benchmark report: “If you’re sending a single email, then you might be leaving money on the table”, but sending too many, you may become an annoyance. They found that sending 2-3 emails was the best approach to maximize revenue but, as always, it’s best to do a little testing yourself.

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