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Don’t worry, we trust that you send out high-quality, unmissable content but as the old adage goes – you can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Part of running a business in the internet age is coming to terms with the fact that some long-time clients will eventually wish to part ways, hitting that oh-so-horrible unsubscribe button.

As business owners ourselves, we get the pain! But we also get the value behind allowing our clients and customers to make their own decisions and make choices that work for them. Sometimes that means cutting ties.

Beyond offering your clients flexibility and empowerment, an unsubscribe button also has the groovy side effect of boosting your email reputation, leading to a consistent presence in the main inbox, and a higher chance of reaching new customers.

So, what are the benefits of an unsubscribe button?

Protect and Enhance Deliverability

Most Internet service providers (ISPs) will treat your email kindly if you have an unsubscribe button, but won’t be quite so accommodating if you forego one altogether. We aren’t exaggerating either. Many ISPs will place your emails squarely in spam if you don’t.

Offers Subscribers an Out

Let’s rip off the band-aid. If your recipients don’t want to keep getting your mail but have no “out” in the form of an unsubscribe button, many of them will pull the trigger and mark you as spam instead. We can’t overstate how dire this is if it happens on a mass scale.

A spam rate should always be under 0.08%, and if you keep getting marked as spam, you may find yourself in a deliverability hole you can’t crawl out of.

Keeps Your Mailing List Relevant

A disengaged, indifferent subscriber base is the last thing any business wants. Quality is the game here — not quantity. When recipients can self-select and unsubscribe at any time, it keeps your mailing list current and useful. You’ll have fewer addresses to cull when you do your regular mailing list audit.

Provides Real-Time Feedback

If you notice a bump in unsubscribes after a certain type of email, campaign, or approach, this should be treated as valuable information and complimentary feedback. You can adjust your marketing tactics and tone accordingly.

Happy Subscribers, Happy Life

There you have it. Some sage and timeless reasons why an unsubscribe button is a friend, not a foe. Remember to like and subscribe to SMTP2GO before you go!

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