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  • Gmail Blocked in China: SMTP2GO Can Help

    For the past six months, almost all of Google’s services – including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Hangouts – have experienced serious disruptions when trying to gain access from China. The biggest blow, however, has just been made to Gmail, the world’s biggest email service, which has finally been blocked […]

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    An SMTP Server for Virgin Mobile Broadband (Broadband2Go)

    SMTP2GO for Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go. We have recently been contacted by a Virgin Mobile Broadband user who has advised us that they do not provide an SMTP server for use by their customers for sending emails. This user has fixed their problem by switching to using SMTP2GO as their SMTP server while connected to the […]

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    An SMTP Server that Does Not Require Authentication

    Many devices have a need to send emails through an SMTP server. The problem that many people face is that some of these devices do not have any place in their settings to enter an SMTP username or password — otherwise known as SMTP authentication. In order to get these devices to work, you need an […]

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