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One of the things I like the most about working for SMTP2GO is the importance placed on giving something back. Not only does SMTP2GO donate to a number of charities each month that are close to its heart; we as employees are encouraged to take a day out of our working lives to volunteer in an area of our choice. Last year, I took part in a beach clean! This year, I volunteered with a dog shelter in the center of Madrid to “Pasear Los Perros” (walk dogs)!

I looked after Maíz, which means corn in Spanish! Look how cute she is! 😍🥰👇

A picture of Teresa walking a dog.

The idea of “Pasear Los Perros” is to walk a dog for a day that is currently up for adoption – and inform passers-by on how they could adopt a dog (perhaps Maíz) – or on the different ways they could help the shelter. We also collected money donations!

Maíz is a hunting dog that was sadly abandoned, her tail had also been docked for reasons unknown😭! Although Maíz has clearly had some hard and lonely times, she was one of the sweetest and most docile dogs I have ever encountered! She often drew attention from passers-by as she was happy to get those extra strokes, cuddles and, of course, treats!

Up to 10,000 animals (mostly cats and dogs) are abandoned in Madrid alone each year! That number is ridiculously high! Although tones of volunteers and professionals are fighting each day to reduce the number of illegal breeders to eventually reduce the number of abandoned animals. It doesn’t erase the fact that there are thousands of animals still waiting for their FURever home today. 🏡🐶

If you are thinking about getting a dog, why not think about adoption and contact your local rescue today? You will save a life and gain a best friend. Or, if you simply want to donate old blankets and towels, that’s a great help for the coming winter months. 🥶

If you are based in Madrid, here is the charity that I volunteered for.


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