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About ePapers

A small but rapidly growing company –  located in Whiting, Indiana – ePapers provide services and an application around technical conference and paper submission and peer review management. Most of the conferences that ePapers provide this for are IEEE sponsored. Any given conference may have a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand papers submitted. All of the company’s emails are transactional and are sent to the submitting authors and conference committees to let them know submission/review status. The conference dates/timelines are predetermined in excess of a year in advance and are not at all flexible, so it is vital that the transactional application emails are received in a timely manner with high reliability.

We spoke to

Dale Durham, the CTO who is also highly technically involved in all aspects of the company. 

How SMTP2GO is used by ePapers

“We use SMTP2GO to send a high volume of time sensitive transactional application email in an environment with very complex business rules and a need for customized tracking and reporting. We also use it for reliable internal employee outgoing email.”

What made you look for a SMTP2GO service provider? 

“We had a ton of issues with other providers ranging from slow and ineffective support and deliverability, to emails not being delivered because the ESP’s IPs were blocked, to other critical issues that were not being addressed. In one case, the ESP API required five API calls to get the standard information for one email bounce. We did some research while looking for our third provider. Based on online reviews and after extensive pre-sales conversations with Rick from SMTP2GO, we were convinced to give you folks a shot and are so glad we did. We needed high deliver-ability, timely and effective support,  and powerful API, as we do a lot of custom tracking and reporting, and someone who genuinely cares about us. None of the other providers that we paid or evaluated seemed to be able to provide that. SMTP2GO has.”

How has your business benefited from using our service?

“All of our emails are being delivered in a timely manner and the only bounces we have had are legitimate (or tests). We can quickly and easily see and filter on every email sent. We get instant notifications if there are any problems, even for things our internal web-hooks not working. We get fast and effective support. We get a sense that SMTP2GO really cares about our success too.”

What do you like most about our service?

“The dashboard and account interfaces and API are simplistic but powerful and highly effective. We were able to integrate them in less than half the time of any other vendor. Their support is available via tickets, phone, or a direct account manager. Most of the other only have a ticket system and no way to direct contact a live person if needed. We have only needed to use email and ticket support so far, but they have responded in minutes instead of hours or days like the others and have been highly effective at reaching resolution just as fast. They allow unlimited SMTP ‘users’ that are separate from unlimited API keys (none of the others we evaluated or used had this). We have some very complex business rules that have a ton of transactional email touchpoints and things have gone totally smooth since we switched to these folks. That was after months of agonizing pain with a couple of other paid plans from other vendors. Cost wise, they are comparable to others, but we feel like we are getting WAY more for our money now.  We lived in agony with others for months before finding them and we are SO glad we finally did.”

If you were to recommend us to a friend?

“For us, SMTP2GO has more than exceed our current needs in all areas! We can tell they really care about us and the services they provide. That is quite rare these days – especially since we are not enterprise level. So… Drum roll, please… A full 5-stars, baby, and I think that’s a first for us for anything ever!”

Thank-you, Dale! A big thanks, also, to our own Rick for providing such sterling support! 🙂

If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to drop us a line!


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