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  • An SMTP Server that Does Not Require Authentication

    Many devices have a need to send emails through an SMTP server. The problem that many people face is that some of these devices do not have any place in their settings to enter an SMTP username or password — otherwise known as SMTP authentication. In order to get these devices to work, you need an […]

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    SMTP Server to Use with Sharp Fax Machines (UX-B800SE and UX-D1200SE)

    Some Sharp fax machines require a certain type of SMTP server in order to be able to send emails. SMTP2GO provides an SMTP server that can authenticate senders based on their IP address, or their ‘from’ email address, meaning that it works with fax machines that are unable to send an SMTP username or password. Two examples of […]

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    How to Avoid Gmail’s “on behalf of” Message – Use A Different SMTP Server

    Recently Gmail has provided a new feature which allows their users to get around a problem which has been complained about for years. The old problem was this: if you wanted to send emails from an email address that is not your Gmail email address, you had to accept the fact that many email clients […]

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