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In the world of digital and email marketing, SMTP isn’t the only kind of delivery we need to concern ourselves with. We also need to look at how our message is delivered. We need to make sure that our content is key, and that our marketing makes an impact.

How can we make sure that our emails get opened and our links get clicked? Interactive emails!

What are interactive emails?

For the last two years, interactive emails have featured as a top email marketing trend. They encourage your recipients to get involved with your content by tapping, swiping, clicking or hovering over your email in order to trigger a response. These can take the form of image carousels, polls, forms, quizzes, countdown timers or feedback. Videos and GIFs are becoming increasingly popular too. The only limit is your imagination! 

 What do you want to get from your emails?

The first thing to consider is what exactly you want from your emails. Do you want to demonstrate a product? Show off a new range of merchandise? Drive customers to your website with a discount? Remind customers that they left something in their basket? Once you’ve found your focus, you can start to think about your delivery. 

Looking for inspiration?

We’ve put together a few of our favourite interactive emails to inspire you!

B&Q often use interactive content in their emails. In this email, you can see how they made use of image carousels to demonstrate the range of products within different categories. This is a nice way to visually get a message across without making an email too long to scroll through.

Penguin Random House takes the viewer on an interactive journey through The United States of Books. As you scroll down along the email, the little penguin in his campervan keeps you company as you scan the clickable links.

Burberry provides you with an online shopping experience that uses GIFs to display their scarves along with a multiple-choice option to encourage to click and see more.

Pretty Little Thing used a mixture of shimmery GIFS to grab your attention; a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency; and a discount code to encourage buyers to make a purchase before the timer ran out.

One of our favourites has to be the Flick The Switch campaign by Toms. In order to show how their shoes glowed in the dark, the recipient had to hover over a light switch to change the image. Underneath the image was a call-to-action leading the viewer to the website where they could buy a pair.

Once you’ve put together your interactive email campaign, we’re here to make sure that it reaches your customers. Get in touch to find out more!


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