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Archiving your business emails has a number of benefits across a number of sectors for both commercial and financial reasons.

Let’s back up a little bit first

Before we delve into the reason why you should start archiving, it’s important to know that email archiving is not the same as an email backup. An email archiving functionality will not modify the email or its attachments and will allow you to search for and retrieve a specific message when needed.

Whereas, email backup is a simpler process in which the email is backed up on your internal email server (occupying a lot of space, may we add!). There won’t be a search function, nor will you be able to generate a read-only unaltered format that may be required for regulatory and legal examinations.

Compliance and regulations

All sectors have their own regulations in place, but some industries are stricter than others. Industries, such as financial, healthcare, government, and energy are some of those where email archiving is a necessity in order to retrieve data in its original format when requested.

Litigation discovery

Litigation discovery is the act of retrieving and submitting data on request. Email archiving can provide protection when under legal fire as the email is archived in its original state and can’t be tampered with. You may need certain archived emails when called for a compliance audit or business investigation.

Business productivity

According to Campaign Monitor, a singular person can receive up to 121 business emails each day, so it comes as no surprise that one of these could accidentally get deleted or lost among the inbox. Email archiving will allow you to recover and retrieve the email and its metadata quickly and easily.

Training and improvement

By archiving business emails, you’ll have past insights into certain parts of the business, such as sales and customer service emails. This can come in handy when researching best practices in order to make improvements going forward.

Reduce cost

Allowing a third party, such as SMTP2GO to handle your email archiving externally will save you on storage/IT maintenance costs.

Data loss

Outages can happen, but with email archiving, you won’t need to worry about losing important content sent over the years via email. With email archiving, it can easily be recovered and business can continue as usual almost immediately.

SMTP2GO’s email archiving feature

Email archiving is an optional feature that allows you to store the full content of emails, along with delivery records. Attachments are also stored. Email content is fully searchable, and emails can be viewed and downloaded from within the SMTP2GO App (on the Reports > Archives page for customers with archiving enabled). This is also a useful tool for being able to visualize exactly how outgoing emails appear.

If you have any questions about our archiving feature, please reach out to our award-winning support team at ticket@smtp2go.com, they’d be happy to help. 👋

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